Plans and reports

The Town’s Strategic Community Plan forms the basis of the Town’s planning and decision making as well as becoming our road map for the next 15 years.  The Plan will be referenced and will guide any planning and decision making that occurs in the Town of Victoria Park.

The Strategic Community Plan is supported by the Four Year Corporate Business Plan, the Long Term Financial Plan, the Workforce Plan and five Asset Management Plans which were all adopted by Council on Tuesday 25 June 2013.

Approximately 450 people were involved in the engagement process that contributed to the development of objectives and projects described in the Strategic Community Plan.

Engagement occurred through a series of facilitated place-making workshops, face-to-face meetings, written submissions, two surveys, desktop research and Council / Officer leadership.

In summary…

The Strategic Community Plan(PDF, 1MB) has been informed by and replaced our Plan for the Future 2011-2026.  The Strategic Community Plan outlines our community engagement and how it has been used to shape our key services and projects over the next 15 years.

The Four Year Corporate Business Plan(PDF, 4MB) describes the key services and projects that the Town will deliver in the next four years.  It also includes financial resources and human resources required for each key service/project.

The Long Term Financial Plan(PDF, 1MB) reflects our financial position over the next 15 years. This Plan will form the basis of our annual budget process.

The Workforce Plan(PDF, 13MB) reflects the human resources required to operate the administration of the Town over the next 15 years and shall be used annually to determine the number of staff required to complete the Town’s key services and projects that are listed in the Strategic Community Plan and Four Year Corporate Business Plan.

Asset Management Plans (five in total) describe how the Town’s assets will be managed over the next 15 years.  Assets include buildings, fleet, machinery, roads, footpaths and drainage and plant and equipment.

Community Development