Policies and statements

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides staff with consistent guidelines for an acceptable standard of professional conduct, the broader issue of ethical responsibility, and transparency and accountability within our organisation.

Code of Conduct(PDF, 224KB)

Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Service Charter sets out our customer service vision and commitments, our service standards and how you can provide feedback.

Customer Service Charter

Information Statement 2016-2017

This document has been prepared in accordance with Part 5 Section 96 (1) of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the FOI Act) which requires each government agency to prepare and publish an Information Statement annually. This information statement sets out:

  • The agency’s mission statement
  • Details of legislation administered
  • Details of the agency structure
  • Details of decision-making functions
  • Opportunities for public participation in the formulation of policy and performance of agency functions
  • Documents held by the agency
  • The operation of FOI in the agency.

Information Statement 2016-2017(PDF, 2MB) (including Freedom of Information).

Policies of Council

This document contains the Town of Victoria Park's policies about:

  • Administration
  • Building
  • Elected Members
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • General
  • Health
  • Parking
  • Parks
  • Planning
  • Recreation

Policies of Council(PDF, 2MB)

Register of sub-delegation of authority

The Local Government Act 1995 allows for the Chief Executive Officer to delegate any of his or her powers to another employee. A register of sub-delegations, being this manual, relevant to the Chief Executive Officer is to be kept and reviewed at least once every financial year.

Register of sub-delegation of authority - Chief Executive Officer to staff(PDF, 1MB)

Fees and charges

The authority to set fees and charges is contained within Section 6.16 (Imposition of fees and charges) and Section 6.17 (Setting the level of fees and charges) of the Local Government Act 1995. Council acknowledges that, in determining the amount of a fee or charge for a service or for goods, consideration has been given to:

  • The cost to the Council of providing the service or goods
  • The importance of the service or the goods to the community
  • The price at which the service or goods could be provided by an alternative supplier.

The recommended fees aim to maintain affordable access to Council facilities and services. Fees and charges may need to increase each year in order to recover the increased cost of doing business - as consideration to those aforementioned points is measured and considered. Further reviews of management practices and the service levels provided by the Town may have an impact on fees and charges in the future.

Fees and Charges - 2017-2018(PDF, 185KB)

Fees and Charges - 2016-2017(PDF, 166KB)