Election 2017 - Candidates for Council


The 2017 local government elections will be held on Saturday, 21 October.

The Town of Victoria Park has four elected member positions to be filled, two in Banksia Ward and two in Jarrah Ward.

Candidates are listed as they appear on the ballot paper.

Banksia Ward - Councillors

TOBIN, Glenn


As a Liberal Democrat & Victoria Park resident since 1991, I want to see our council concentrate on service delivery - keeping our streets safe, maintaining our roads and amenities, and collecting our rubbish - at a reasonable cost, and interfering as little as possible in the lives of local residents.

I want a streamlined planning system, and a one-stop-shop for residents with concerns. In Victoria Park, I'm particularly keen to seek a moratorium on rates increases, establish free parking for ratepayers in the Town precinct, see no change to the observance of Australia Day, and have a council with an ‘open for business’ philosophy.  I'm committed to making sure this happens, if elected.

I'm confident that a freeze on rates increases is possible and a line-by-line review of our local budget will yield savings to facilitate it. In summary - No increase in rates, no decrease in services!

Mobile:  0448 511 889
Postal Address:  PO Box 4350 VICTORIA PARK 6979
Email:  glennt@oresomeproducts.com
Social Network Address:  www.linkedin.com/in/glenn-tobin-aa899325/



I have lived in, and been in touch with, the Victoria Park community over my entire lifetime and am committed to doing a great job in representing you on council.

I ran a successful photography business in the Town over many years as well as helping progress our community by having been actively involved in Rotary, Sporting clubs, School P&F’s, Youth groups, Rostrum, St Vincent de Paul and in establishing a Men’s shed. I was awarded the Victoria Park Australia Day Award in 2015, endorsing my commitment to our community.

I will always make myself available to listen to your concerns relating to Council issues and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for ratepayers on matters such as waste management, new developments, safety, environment, parking, community facilities and rates.

We have a fantastic community, and would love your support to keep it that way by being elected your councillor.                      

Home:  9361 9409
Work:  6248 6369
Mobile:  0403 121 543
Postal Address:  105 Planet St Carlisle 6101
Email:  wilfhendriks@gmail.com



I bought my home in Victoria Park in 1997, and loved it so much I stayed. I have seen the Town evolve into a vibrant community, with an exciting but challenging future.

I have practised as a lawyer for 23 years. I am the Chairperson of the Homeless and Mental Health Services Advisory Committee of the St Vincent de Paul Society and sit on the Board of the National Stroke Foundation. I am honest, hardworking and fair-minded. I will be an independent voice, a fresh face with no political alignments.    

I support:

* a diverse progressive agenda that strikes a balance between the economic, social and environmental interests of the whole community;

* proper community consultation;

* real transparency;

* strengthened financial sustainability;

* healthy landscapes for healthy communities;

* good governance – not lip service.    

I believe you deserve honest, accountable councillors who always put their community first.  If elected, I’m committing to delivering that outcome.  

Mobile:  0407 448 336
Email:  karen.vernon@icloud.com



I decided to contest this election because I believe that I have the ability to make a difference. I am a very experienced economics teacher, presently employed on a part time basis at Perth Modern School. I also have an interest in a small business and have volunteered in various not for profit organisations. This means I understand the problems faced by households and by small business in the current economic climate. I feel that I have the ability to listen to arguments and to make judgments which provide the greatest benefits for the majority of residents involved. 

I am a father and a grandfather who has spent most of my adult working life in the company of young people. This means that although I am chronologically advantaged the young people I work with have kept me young.  

Mobile:  0400 179 539
Postal Address:  22B Sunbury Road Victoria Park 6100
Email:  dunj@yahoo.com

COLLINS, Joshua David


Victoria Park has always been a hot pot of cultures from around the world and is unique in WA if not all of Australia. This is my home and I have a keen interest to ensure that my home/our home prospers as a community.

We have recently experienced large changes which will naturally impact how the Council engages and is engaged with the community. This positive change will lead to short, medium and long term benefits but if not managed with due thought, consultation and consideration could lead Victoria Park to lose perspective and touch with the people and businesses.

My interests;

-Healthy business growth

-Growing families

-Diversity – Celebrating our hot pot.

-Exemplary and efficient Council services

-Health and wellbeing for all members of our community.

-Keeping the ‘Park’ in Victoria Park – Our parks and trees are sacred to our very name.  

Any and all questions, please contact me.

Mobile:  0421 357 778
Postal Address:  67b Beatty Ave East Victoria Park 6101
Email:  Josh@Joshua-David.com



I am a passionate, active and engaged Victoria Park local. I have a strong interest in sustainable community development and a vision for how local government can go beyond consultation and work with the community to achieve a safer, more sustainable and active Town.

My goals:

1) Manage increase in population density through smart, sustainable and appropriate infill development;

2) Maintain, expand and improve open and green spaces;

3) Provide safe, energy efficient and cost-effective transport options;

4) Effective and transparent decision making considering financial, social and environmental aspects, and;

5) Strong financial management in line with strategic priorities.

My accomplishments include developing two multi-award-winning housing projects in Lathlain, establishment of Rutland Avenue Sump Community Garden and Urban Orchard, improving bicycle infrastructure with funding for the first section of the Rutland Avenue upgrade allocated; and effecting changes to planning policy and decision-making processes. 

I am positive, honest and committed. 

Mobile:  0438 718 247
Postal Address:  2/96 RUTLAND AVENUE LATHLAIN 6100
Email:  eugenievicpark@gmail.com
Social Network Address:  http://eugenievicpark.net/



I believe the core responsibilities of a councillor are to ensure Council’s strong financial accountability and effective community consultation. I have the experience to analyse and manage substantial budgets.

As a long-time resident I have seen our Town develop into a diverse and exciting community. I want to serve to protect our heritage and environment. Over the years I have fought to retain and expand the Town’s parks and I will continue to do so. With our housing densities projected to increase it has never been more important to give families, seniors and young people places to come together, to relax or play.

For safety I will focus on improving street lighting, safe footpaths and playgrounds, plus reducing traffic in residential streets. I will promote the formulation of policy to reduce the impact of stadium traffic throughout the Town including the Peninsula area. Please vote.

Postal Address:  98 Carnarvon St East Victoria Park 6101
Email:  jbissett@iinet.net.au
Social Network Address:  johnbissett.org

BORGER, Phillip


As an energetic and engaged local resident, I will bring fresh perspective to Council.  Well qualified with a degree in Economics, I have the knowledge and experience to provide rigorous oversight of financial decisions and ensure prudent management of ratepayers’ funds. 

I will use my proven administration and governance skills to foster sensible, accountable local government. I will place strong importance on sustaining and building Victoria Park’s infrastructure, to ensure our community and sporting groups continue to thrive. My goal is to see the continued growth of Victoria Park as one of the State’s premier inner city communities, balancing prosperity and vibrancy with relaxed liveability and a family friendly community.

As an independent candidate with no business interests in Victoria Park, I will be a voice for my fellow residents, ensuring that I am open and approachable to hear directly from you and I respectfully ask for your vote.

Mobile:  0422 973 853
Postal Address:  46 Cornwall Street Lathlain 6100
Email:  pborger83@gmail.com



In a sea of carefully crafted words and promises that will be apparent in these profiles, there are those who are quietly (and sometimes loudly) making a difference in our community.

During the Lathlain Park development I submitted comprehensive submissions on behalf of the community. Ultimately, my recommendation for 6:1 tree replacement was adopted as a condition. I tabled a motion for the development of the town’s Urban Forest Strategy which was adopted by council. Two local community groups (one of which I started) are right now working on this ground breaking document.

As a Community Reference Group member for the Lathlain Development I pushed for the Bowls Club to be included as part of the Lathlain development leading to the design of a new park for Carlisle.

Currently, I’m working on new ways to collaborate with the community. Check my website out and join me in planning our town!

Mobile:  0411 588 614
Postal Address:  24 Raleigh Street Carlisle 6101
Email:  peterforvicpark@gmail.com
Social Network Address:  www.peterforvicpark.com

POTTER, Ronhhda


My name is Ronhhda Potter and I am running to be your Councillor in the Banksia Ward.

I have lived in Carlisle for over two decades, raising a family, being an active member of my girls’ school communities and starting up a small business.

For the last two years, I have fought for better community outcomes and representation through the Save Carlisle IGA Campaign and involvement in the Lathlain Precinct Development. As your Councillor, I will continue this fight to ensure that our community is better connected to council.

Once elected I will work for:

* Genuine collaboration with the community;

* Open green spaces for all members of our community;

* An increase in community facilities;

* Greater support for local businesses;

* Responsible and accountable spending on council;

* Practical and innovative ways to address the health and safety of our community.

You can contact me on:

Mobile:  0467 257 621
Email:  ronhhdapotter@gmail.com
Social Network Address:  facebook.com/ronhhdapotterforbanksia/


Jarrah Ward - Councillors

IFE, Bronwyn


I have lived in Victoria Park for fifteen years with my husband, children and rescue dog. Chair and parent member of the Victoria Park Primary School Board. Previously involved in Honeypot Playgroup including one year as President. Founding member and current committee member of the Vic Park Little Athletics Club. Previously taught Kindermusik in Victoria Park, and I now run the Community program at Perth Symphony Orchestra.

On council I will –

Oppose moves to locate an artificial hockey turf at Harold Rossiter or Raphael Park, and support moves to find a suitable alternative location.

Engage the community in ALL decisions.

Better waste management, let’s lead in sustainability.

Fight to keep our Green spaces accessible to all users, for passive recreation and sport.

Lobby for increased community and cultural events across the town.

Complete financial transparency.

Pollies in the Park – regular, free, outdoor meetings for everyone.

Mobile:  0432 125 512
Postal Address:  65 Manchester Street Victoria Park 6100
Email:  BronforVicPark@mail.com
Social Network Address:  https://www.facebook.com/BronforVicPark/

HILTON, Julian


I want to represent your voice on your council. My priority is to increase community consultation processes within Council on infrastructure planning proposals. It is vital that the views of the Town of Victoria Park Council are in alignment with residents, ratepayers, and the wider community.

I know that costs are up across the board, impacting family budgets. I will vote against any further rate increases and ensure ratepayer’s dollars are getting spent appropriately.

I have a proven track record of advocacy within local Communities.  I am pro-local business and would ensure the vibrancy of our Vic Park strip is improved upon.

I am a father who lives in East Victoria Park and has worked locally for over seven years. I have achieved my Master’s Degree in Finance from UWA. I am ready to work hard and work smart on your behalf and seek your vote for ordinary councillor.

Mobile:  0422 847 101
Email:  julianhilton@skymesh.com.au
Social Network Address:  www.facebook.com/JulianHiltonVP



As the current Deputy Mayor, it has been a privilege to be your representative on Council for the past four years. I have been a Vic Park local for 10 years and work as a communications and marketing manager for a not-for-profit health organisation.

If re-elected to Council, my commitments to you are;

* Active representation and listening to the community;

* A greener Vic Park by implementing our Urban Forest Strategy;

* Continue to focus on crime prevention and enhance community safety by supporting CCTV grants and Neighbourhood Watch Groups;

* Support community and sporting groups so they remain sustainable and successful;

* Continued investment in parks and buildings so Vic Park remains an exciting place to live, work and play;

* Positive leadership, good governance and open, transparent communication.

I am passionate about our community and excited for our future. I am seeking your vote to continue delivering a positive and progressive Vic Park. 

Mobile:  0435 229 317
Postal Address:  57/53 Leonard Street Victoria Park 6100
Email:  brianforvicpark@gmail.com
Social Network Address:  www.facebook.com/brian4vicpark

SMITH, Peter


I have lived in East Victoria Park since 1994, and have always shown a strong interest in the Town and the local community.

I have worked for many years in state government and my wife runs a small business on the strip, so we also understand the needs of local businesses.

If elected, I hope to demonstrate my commitment to the people of Victoria Park by being easily accessible to listen to your concerns and deliver service to the community in a transparent way. Victoria Park is a dynamic town and is undergoing rapid change.

I welcome the opportunity to engage with you in the future, give you a voice and act on your behalf.   

Mobile:  0439 107 308
Email:  mintique@westnet.com.au

MAXWELL, Vincent


During my four year term as councillor, I have fought to minimise rates increases and voted against excessive rate hikes. Using my business experience I have improved the financial management and encouraged sound business practises within council, allowing more to be delivered to the community for less.

The ongoing savings from better management helps ease the rates burden and will fund useful initiatives such as upgrading our clubhouses and reserves, lighting up those dark footpaths and laneways, improving our security, introducing a free shuttle bus service and commencing long overdue projects such as Edward Millen House.

Through my newsletter I have kept the community informed on many issues such as the Town Centre plan that the Council was trying to rush through with inadequate community consultation. There is still much to be done. Please vote for me so I may continue to work hard for our community. Thank you.

Mobile:  0427 962 855
Postal Address:  233 Berwick Street Victoria Park 6100
Email:  vince@blogg.com.au



I will foster integrity, trust and loyalty to the ratepayers and community. With an extensive experience in project management, electrical engineering, leadership, and communication facilitator, it is time to put my experience at the service of the Town of Victoria Park, Town where I’ve been living for last 15 years, in which, I’m doing business and studied at Curtin University.

Without hidden agendas, with the only interest of serving to the Town, and not, the other way around. I believe Council should be managed as close as possible to private businesses so that ratepayers can get more, in return.

I will promote:

a) more sports and recreation facilities for all ages, but with the same resources and better management

b) community safety by putting people first, and

c) Open meetings welcoming public participation in decision making.  

Voting for me you pursue loyalty, trust and integrity.

Mobile:  0497 582 325
Postal Address:  1/119 Berwick Street Victoria Park 6100
Email:  hamer.zavaletavidal@gmail.com
Social Network Address:  Hamer Zavaleta-Vidal for Jarrah Ward