Security Incentive Scheme

The Town’s Security Incentive Scheme program offers rebates to assist residents improve the level of security within their home and vehicle through the installation of approved security devices. Rebates up to the value of $200 (or $250 for approved concession card holders) are available for the following:

Home Security Devices

  • home intruder alarms
  • door deadlocks
  • keyed window locks
  • security sensor lights
  • security screened doors
  • security window screens
  • vehicle security devices
  • vehicle immobilisers.

The Town also offers a subsidy to local businesses (up to the value of $500) for the installation of the following security devices:

  • closed circuit television video
  • business intruder alarm (monitored)
  • security sensor light
  • door deadlocks
  • duress alarm (monitored).

To take advantage of the Security Incentive Scheme, rebate applications need to include either a quote of the security item to be installed or a valid receipt within 12 months of the security item having already been installed.  For any application to be considered for a rebate the quote or receipt must be from a registered business with a Security Agent License.