Strategic planning

A strategic town planner is typically responsible for clarifying what kind of city model is desired for an area and working towards that goal. This includes coordinating the many different elements that make up the long term vision such as:

  • How the Town will meet its population density targets and meet the challenges of population growth;
  • How to best distribute the many different land uses in Vic Park;
  • How can we plan for a resilient and sustainable future that will ensure the health and desired living conditions of our community;
  • How we can protect the culture of the Town including its heritage, social values and the non-physical elements that make Vic Park special; and
  • How to best infuse the community vision in the strategic direction of the town.


 The Town of Victoria Park Strategic Planning unit uses many policies and documents to achieve it's desired future. The role of the documents and policies is to capture the long term vision, and strategies the Town will use to achieve them.