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Council Meeting Dates


2nd Tuesday of the Month commencing at 6:30pm


1st Floor, 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park


1st Tuesday of the Month commencing at 6:30pm


The EMBS is a constituted Committee of the Council in accordance with Section 5.8 of the Local Government Act 1995. The function of the EMBS is to inform Elected Members of relevant and material facts and circumstances pertaining to matters to be decided at a forthcoming Ordinary Council meeting.


  1. Has no delegated power to make decisions;
  2. Does not make recommendations about the adoption of reports of employees or others to the forthcoming Ordinary Council meeting;
  3. Will involve Elected Members, staff, and external advisors (where appropriate) and will be open to the public; and
  4. Provides an opportunity for Elected Members to be equally informed and seek additional information on reports, items and matters prior to them being presented to the forthcoming Ordinary Council meeting for formal consideration and decision.


A meeting of the EMBS will be conducted in accordance with the Standing Orders Local Law. The following procedures will also apply:

The EMBS will be open to the public except for matters of a confidential nature. The guide for determining those matters of a confidential nature shall be in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

There is no debate amongst Elected Members on any matters raised during the EMBS.

Relevant employees of the Town will be available to make a presentation or respond to questions on matters listed on the agenda of the EMBS.

Elected Members have the opportunity to request reports or raise other matters at item; VIII General Business on the EMBS Agenda.

A record (brief minutes) shall be kept of all EMBS meetings. As no decisions are made at an EMBS, the record will only be a record of;
               5.1 items listed on the agenda by heading and number;
               5.2 questions asked and the response provided; and
               5.3 any disclosure of interest as declared by individuals.
        6. Persons having an interest in or knowledge of matters to be decided by the Council may be invited by the Chief Executive Officer to address an EMBS. Such as persons making an address will be limited to 15 minutes. An address must relate to matters listed on the Agenda.


A member of the public may request to make a deputation in accordance with clause 5.9 of the Town of Victoria Park Standing Orders Local Law 2011 as per the document below.



Why are there two meetings?

The Elected Members Briefing Session (EMBS) gives the Councillors the opportunity to ask questions of the Committee relating to items on the agenda.

The Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) is where the Councillors vote on the items on the agenda.

Is there an opportunity for the Public to ask questions or make a statement?

Yes, the Agenda allows for a separate 'Public Question' and 'Public Statement' time at the beginning and end of the EMBS and OCM meetings. Questions and statements relating to an item on the agenda generally happen at the first Public Questions or Public Statement time at the start of the meeting. Other questions and statements on matters of concern or interest are generally made at the Public Questions or Public Statement time at the end.

A separate opportunity exists for “Presentations” to be made relating to specific items on the agenda.

Decisions are made at the Ordinary Council Meeting and as such if the question or statement relates to a matter that is on the agenda, it is advisable to use the first Public Question and Public Statement time as the second opportunity is after the agenda items have been decided.

What is the correct Protocol for asking questions or making a statement?

A member of the public must state his or her name and address, clearly, before asking any question or making a statement.

What if my questions can’t be answered immediately?

If this occurs, the question may be 'taken on notice' by the Council or Committee for later response.

How long does a member of the public have to make a statement to Council?

A public statement will be limited to two minutes; and no reply, discussion or question relating to the Public Statement is to occur, unless otherwise determined by the Presiding Member at the meeting.

Where can I get a copy of the Agenda?

The Agendas for both meetings are available for viewing at the Town Administration Building and the Library from the Monday morning prior to the meeting. They can also be viewed online here at the Town website. Copies of the agenda are available in the gallery of the Council Chambers, on the night of the meetings.

When are we able to view the minutes?

The minutes from the Ordinary Council Meeting are available on the Town’s website from the Monday morning following the meeting.

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