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Mayors Blog

Hello Spring - October Update

Spring has arrived with longer days and more sunshine which is a great excuse to get involved in all of the new activities and projects happening in the Town.

The Good Day Out sustainability fair is the Town's newest, free event which will feature over 50 stalls and kick off our events season in October. The Good Day Out is also our official Garage Sale Trail event this year and aims to bring communities together to provide residents with a fun way to declutter, meet other like-minded people and uncover some unique bargains.

Following the huge success of the Vic Park Summer Street Party last year, the event is returning this November and promises to be as interactive and entertaining as ever.

Live art and theatre lovers can watch a free outdoor broadcast of Tartuffe in November as the Black Swan Theatre Company performance is aired in the Memorial Gardens. Event lovers should also keep their eyes peeled for the return of the Twilight Trio concerts, Music by Moonlight and plenty more throughout the summer months.

The pilot project of the License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is an example of the Town’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. We are one of the very first Local Governments around the state to trial this camera technology, which helps enforce parking zone usage and create equitable access parking for residents, small business, schools and commuters.

Another example of our commitment to ease traffic congestion is the Electric Bike Trial happening in October. Working in partnership with the RAC, this Switch Your Thinking! program is all about encouraging all modes of transport to access all services within our great Town.

Lesiurelife, Aqualife and the Victoria Park Library have some exciting activities and programs coming up over the next few months. Whether you are looking to join a team sport – basketball, netball, soccer or waterpolo – or take part in an individual challenge of swim squad, triathlon and fitness classes, our leisure centres have something interactive for you.

And for those who prefer a quieter setting, come along to the Library and take part in a number of great activities including Write Along the Highway, International Games Day, school holiday activities and Christmas Storytime. 

Finally, I wish to thank all residents and ratepayers who have shown great enthusiasm and shared their thoughts as part of the Evolve project. This was one of the largest projects the Town has ever untaken and it was invaluable to hear about the needs and wants of our community. Through your continued participation in workshops and online feedback over the last 12 months, we are in a better position to align our services and implement projects that meet the needs and expectations of our community.

Next, we will be drafting a new Strategic Community Plan; a Corporate Business Plan; a Long Term Financial Plan; Asset Management Plan(s); and a Workforce Plan.

If you would like to learn more about the Evolve project or share your thoughts with us on any of our other activities, projects and events, please head to our website

Until next time,

Evolve - Public Participation

19 February 2016

Hi everyone

We have a lot of great projects and events coming up in the Town, including Music by Moonlight, the Victoria Park Arts Season and John Hughes Slopestyle, but most importantly the Evolve project is now well underway, with over 120 community members engaging in the public participation phase. The key aim for this phase of the project is for the Evolve project team to begin to dig deeper into the thoughts of our community to further explore and better understand these findings, recommendations and themes. I am so proud and excited that the Town and community have embarked on this journey together and I am sure that the project will produce a great result for all.

I believe the biggest point of difference for this project, is the way in which the project team is engaging with the community. Those interested in getting involved have the opportunity to elect how they would like to participate whether it is face-to-face, by email, over the phone or in a group workshop – the communication channel is entirely up to you. By consulting and involving the community, the Town will be able to better align the services offered with the wants, needs and priorities of the community.

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved in the project and you can contribute as much or as little as you like – just tell us what you think and we can do the rest.

This project is vitally important for anyone who lives, works, visits or owns property in the Town. It is your opportunity to really influence the direction that the Town will take in the future, so I encourage everyone to take part. If you are not already involved and would like to be, please visit Your Thoughts at or contact project officers Michael Swanepoel or Izzy Abuleela on 9311 811 for more information.

Until next time


EVOLVE – Tell us your thoughts…

Hi everyone,

I am excited to introduce you to one of the Town’s newest and most important projects: Evolve.

Evolve is one of the largest projects the Town has ever undertaken. We need to put together a new Strategic Community Plan document, which outlines the future direction of the Town for the next 20 years. The objective of the Evolve project is for the Town to determine the community’s future needs and wants by October 2016 and to create a plan of action for June 2017 and beyond.

Our desired outcome is for the Town and the local community to work together to identify services and implement projects that meet the community’s needs and expectations. The point of difference for this project will be the degree in which the community is engaged, which will be in a way the Town has never done before. The intention is to have the community engage by their preferred methods and in doing so increase the participation rates of the community.

At the end of the project, the Town will have a Strategic Community Plan; a Corporate Business Plan; a Long Term Financial Plan; Asset Management Plan(s); and a Workforce Plan; with all of these documents genuinely informed by the local community.

So what is currently happening on the Evolve project? At the moment, we are asking people for their preferences for participating in Evolve. We have set up an online community engagement website, Your Thoughts, to seek community feedback and guidance on Evolve as well as other major projects and initiatives.

We have also been documenting all of the Town’s services, and their level, that we currently provide. When the public participation process gets underway we want to be able to have conversations with the community about the areas where they feel they are being over or under serviced, so we can understand what are the priorities and what are the community’s expectations. Plus, we have been collecting information about the Town’s context and future trends that may affect the community and the Town.

So when does the Evolve project begin and how long will it last? We are planning to begin the Evolve public participation process in February 2016, which will run for approximately six months; we think that is enough time to have as many initial and follow up conversations as possible with the local community.

How can you get involved? For more information about Evolve and to provide your thoughts, visit the website:

If you wish to know more before deciding whether or not to get involved, please email or call 9311 8111.

Until next time,



Hi everyone,

Nominations are closing soon for the 2016 Australia Day Citizenship Awards, which are presented as part of the Town’s Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony to be held on Tuesday, 26 January 2016.

Each year two local citizens and one local community group within the Town are eligible for an Award. The three award categories are Individual Citizenship Award; Individual Citizenship Award for a person under 25 years of age; and Citizenship Award for a community group or event.

The recipients will be selected from nominations made by residents and assessed by a panel on how they have made a noteworthy contribution or given outstanding service to the local community.

The Australia Day Citizenship Awards are an excellent way of recognising the efforts of upstanding individuals and groups who make a positive contribution to our vibrant community. We had an outstanding selection of nominees for last year’s Awards – make the most of this opportunity and nominate those people and groups who deserve recognition for making a difference.

Nominations forms can be made in hard copy via the Premier’s Citizenship Award forms found at the Town’s administration centre and Library, or online via

Nominations close Monday, 7 December 2015.

Until next time,


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