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Armadale/Thornlie Line Shutdown

armadale/thornlie line shutdown 6-22 January 2017

As part of the construction works for the new six-platform Perth Stadium Station, a 17-day major disruption of the Armadale/Thornlie Line will be required in January 2017. The series of shutdowns will take place from the evening of Friday 6 January through to the last service on Sunday 22 January 2017.

The shutdowns are essential for completing the tracks required to support Perth Stadium Station.

During the major disruption, all Armadale/Thornlie Line passengers will be affected, especially during peak times. On weekdays, a limited, 30-minute train service will operate until about 6.30pm. Any passengers travelling through Carlisle Station will need to change trains at the station. Thornlie passengers will need to catch a replacement bus to Cannington to connect with onward services. 

A full-line closure will be in effect from about 6.30pm on weeknights with train-replacement buses operating. During weekends there will be a half-line closure between Perth and Carlisle, with train-replacement buses operating and a limited, 30-minute train service will run between Carlisle and Armadale.

While limited train services and replacement buses are running during the shutdowns, travel times will take longer so Transperth is encouraging passengers to plan ahead and allow extra travel time.

Road users in Carlisle and East Victoria Park may also be impacted, with the closure of the Mint Street level crossing between Bank Street and Rutland Avenue on weekdays from 9-20 January 2017, 4am to 8pm. This closure is a safety precaution which will support the operation of the limited train service. Motorists can still cross the tracks at the Miller Street bridge, which can be accessed via Bishopsgate Street or Shepperton Road, however, delays may be experienced due to the traffic diversion.

Train capacity will be very limited during peak periods. For CBD workers travelling into the city, if you have some flexibility, why not stagger your start and finish times? Or better still, try working from home during the Shutdowns? Other options include cycling to work, car-pooling or, if possible, even extending your Christmas break.

To find out how your journey will be impacted by the Shutdown and to plan ahead, visit the Transperth Armadale line shutdown page or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13. More information on Perth Stadium Station can be found here.


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