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The Town of Victoria Park installed its very first parklet in November 2013 opposite Café Gelato and was shortly followed by another in December 2013 at Antz inya Pantz, and most recently Sixteen Ounces.

A parklet, or pop-up park, is designed to be installed on a temporary basis, moving location every few months. The Town’s first parklets are designed to be mini-parks with seating, where people can just take a moment to unwind, sip a coffee and watch the world go by.

The parklets are inexpensive to construct and maintain, easy to relocate and help to build community interest in the location which they are at.

The Town is trying to encourage people to spend some quality time in our public spaces, enjoying the streetscape and taking the time to connect with what Victoria Park is all about – vibrancy.

The Town hopes to install additional parklets soon.

Follow the parklet’s Twitter account to keep up-to-date!


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