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Town News

Fairies and dinosaurs found at G.O Edwards Park

22 February 2017

G.O Edwards Park will be transformed into a digital fantasy land from 4 to 12 March for Parks Week 2017, as the Town of Victoria Park partners with Parks and Leisure Australia to trial the new Magical Park app.

Magical Park, created by Geo AR Games, turns a normal urban city park into a digital fantasy land playground. Utilising a mobile device and the free Magical Park app, underutilised spaces, parks or playgrounds can become an exciting and engaging world for children and families to explore, creating a blended virtual world seen through their screens once they enter the boundaries of the magical park.

“We are revolutionising the way we see technology – literally,” said the CEO of Geo AR Games, Melanie Langlotz.

“Geo AR Games is leading the charge in Geospatial Augmented Reality, an innovative new concept that combines the great outdoors with mobile gaming.”

"Kids get to interact and explore a fantasy world where they have to herd kittens, run away from the bad fairy or come face-to-face with a giant T-Rex – all in a local park using a smart phone or tablet.”

Magical Park’s vision is to get kids moving outdoors in a safe environment. They are working to fill a gap in the recreation space, using technology to encourage healthy relationships with technology whilst sparking imaginations.

“This is an exciting initiative that we are happy to be a part of,” said Mayor Trevor Vaughan.

“We are keen to embrace the technology and use it to our advantage, encouraging children to get active and enjoy their time outside.”

Parks Week, which is managed by the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) and Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA), runs from 4 to12 March in 2017. As part of the event, councils and other organisations nationally are organising a programme of activities throughout the week.

Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 73 available for inspection

06 February 2017


Notice is hereby given that the Local Government of the Town of Victoria Park has resolved to initiate the above Town Planning Scheme Amendment to modify Town Planning Scheme No. 1 by designating the Residential Character Study Area as a Special Control Area, amending the Precinct Plans accordingly and inserting relevant provisions into the Scheme Text.

Amendment No. 73 to the Town of Victoria Park Town Planning Scheme No. 1 (the Scheme) proposes to:

  • Designate the Residential Character Study Area as a Special Control Area under the Scheme to be known as the Residential Character Special Control Area;
  • Modify Precinct Plans P5, P6, P10 and P12 to identify the location of the Special Control Area within the Scheme Area; and
  • Insert provisions relating to the Special Control Area in Schedule 7 of the Scheme Text including:
    • The need for development approval to demolish ‘original dwellings’;
    • The need for development approval for building works that are not otherwise exempt from approval; and
    • Development to comply with the provisions of a Local Planning Policy adopted for the Residential Character Special Control Area; and
    • The ability for Conservation Notices to be served to owners of ‘original dwellings’ who do not maintain their properties.

For more information about the amendment, and how to make a submission, visit our public notices section.


24 January 2017

The Town has had to reschedule the road asphalt resurfacing works on Berwick Street between Canning Highway and Armagh Street in order to ensure that the required approval from Main Roads WA (MRWA) has been received. The Town was also required by MRWA to ensure that sufficient advance notice is given to MRWA contractors for the reinstatement of the traffic signal lights detector loops and road marking works which are required to be completed to MRWA’s specifications either before or after Australia Day.

In consideration of the recommendations of both Main Roads WA and the Town’s Contractor, the Town will now be undertaking the resurfacing works on Saturday 28, Sunday 29, and Monday 30 January 2017 from 6pm onwards.  The site works are anticipated to be completed by 5am each morning.

Please note that Colombo Street and Armagh Street between Berwick Street and Gloucester Street will also be temporarily closed during the works. Traffic controllers will be on-site to maintain a safe traffic flow environment and will endeavour to accommodate local traffic movement requirements of residents at various times during the works when possible.

The works to be undertaken will be to the benefit of all road users. The Town appreciates your cooperation and seeks your understanding of the strict requirement to undertake these works at night.

If you require further information about the proposed site works, please do not hesitate to call the Town on 9311 8111 or email The night shift supervisor of the works, Denis Daly can be contacted on 0437 890 023 should you have any concerns on the nights that works are taking place.

Locals called to take action for a litter-free Town

18 January 2017

Community groups, individuals and businesses have the tools available to take action for a litter-free neighbourhood. 

Town of Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan called on residents to get involved in creating a litter-free community.

The Adopt-a-Spot program, facilitated by Keep Australia Beautiful WA, encourages community-focussed organisations and individuals to keep their local environment clean, by adopting a site in the local area to keep litter-free. In 2016 the program had more than 650 registered groups state wide from individuals to family, business, community and school groups.

Litter is an ongoing problem faced by every community in Western Australia and getting local residents involved in adopting sites has many benefits for the Town.

“The Adopt-a-Spot program encourages environmental responsibility and gives locals the opportunity to support the Town in its litter clean-up efforts,” Mayor Vaughan said. 

“Research suggests that littered areas are more likely to attract other antisocial behaviours such as graffiti and vandalism, so tackling the littering issue is important for community safety as well as environmental health.” 

Participants in the Adopt-a-Spot program are provided with all the tools to keep their site clean, including; gloves, litter bags, tongs and safety information. Adoptees are recognised on the Keep Australia Beautiful website and get an official Adoption Certificate. Volunteer insurance is also available.

Mayor Vaughan said the Town of Victoria Park was pleased to support the program and encouraged local businesses, community groups and individuals to register.

“Adopting a spot is an excellent way to get involved in the community and support the Town’s efforts to create a clean environment for locals and visitors to enjoy.”

To register for the program and for more information visit or call the Adopt-a-Spot Program Coordinator on 6467 5339.

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