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Latest News

7 February 2015

Outcome of Amalgamation Ballot – ‘NO’ to Amalgamation

The amalgamation of the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park will not go ahead after the majority of electors in the City’s poll voted ‘NO’ to the proposed amalgamation.

At the close of voting, 6pm Saturday 7 February 2015, the City received back 50.83 per cent of voting packages.  77.75 per cent voted ‘NO’ opposing the amalgamation of South Perth and there will be ‘NO’ amalgamation. 22.25 per cent voted ‘YES’ and supported an amalgamation.

The Town of Victoria Park’s poll did not receive the required 50 per cent with 38.02 per cent of electors returning voting packages. 61.58 per cent of those voted ‘NO’ in opposition of amalgamation and 38.42 per cent voted ‘YES’ in support of amalgamation.

“Our community have come out loud and clear and said ‘NO’ to an amalgamation.   This is an outstanding result from the community given the poll occurred over the school holiday period and Australia Day,” said City of South Perth Mayor Doherty.

“Today’s outcome reflects the passion and strong community spirit that has galvanised people to truly stand up for what they want for the future of South Perth,” said Mayor Doherty.

“Both Councils fought for our respective communities to have a democratic right to have their say. The community has run a grassroots campaign without any support from the City. Their message is loud and clear and we have listened,” said Mayor Doherty.

“We are pleased the poll is behind us, we now have certainty and can focus on going forward. Our Council will now determine what needs to be done to uphold a sustainable, independent future for the City of South Perth.”

“While remaining as independent local governments, the Town of Victoria Park and the City of South Perth will continue to actively work together for the benefit of both communities,” said Town of Victoria Park Mayor Vaughan.

“This may include investigating further resource sharing, joint activities and opportunities to create efficiencies across both local governments,” said Mayor Vaughan.

Results of the polls are binding on the Minister for Local Government where either one or both of the polls has achieved at least a 50 per cent response rate. It is anticipated the Minister will officially declare the results of the polls in the coming weeks.

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