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Under the Bush Fires Act 1954, all owners and occupiers of land in the Town must establish and maintain firebreaks to the following specifications:

Land with an area of 2000m2 or less

Remove inflammable matter from all of the land, except living trees, shrubs, plants under cultivation and lawn,  by means of ploughing, cultivating or slashing to a height of no more than 50mm.

Land with an area over 2000m2

1) Firebreaks of a minimum width and height of 3 metres are to be cleared immediately inside all external boundaries of the land;

2) Firebreaks to a minimum width of 3 metres and height of 3 metres are to be cleared immediately surrounding all buildings situated on the land; and any place where inflammable liquids and gas products are kept.


What date does the land need to be cleared by?

Firebreaks in the Town need to be cleared by 1 November and maintained until 30 April.

I own vacant land in the Town do I need to clear firebreaks?

Yes all vacant land no matter what the size needs to be cleared each year.

I live interstate or overseas and am unable to clear a firebreak, what can I do?

You will need to employ a property manager or contractor to do the work for you.

What happens if I don’t clear a firebreak?

The Town has a zero tolerance policy for fire hazard and infringements are issued each year. The the Town will implement fire breaks on any properties where the owner fails to do so and will invoice the owner for the costs.

My neighbours back yard is a fire hazard who can I report it to?

If you are concerned about a fire hazard on an adjoining property contact the Town 9311 8111.

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