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Verge Treatments

The Town encourages verge landscaping that is sustainable, waterwise, aesthetically pleasing and reflects the natural heritage of the Town.
Many of the street verges within the Town are irrigated lawn.  Whilst water efficient turf (there are several new varieties available) will be the minimum standard for future turf installations on the verge, more attractive, user friendly verges can be created with planted designs. 
The Town encourages the use of plant varieties which are waterwise, reduce the need for fertilisers, provide habitat for birds and insects and include indigenous (local) plants. Planted verges can help develop the Town’s individual character and form a “sense of place”.
We have put together some Street Verge Guidelines to give you some ideas for your verge. You can download the document at the bottom of this page.
  • No plant is to be more than 750mm when mature, or of hazardous nature (eg. thorny or poisonous); 

  • Paving material (pavers only) is limited to 25% of the verge area, excluding the crossover, and, if used, is to be integrated into the soft landscaping so as not to provide an area for vehicle parking;

  • Artificial turf or synthetic grass is not permitted as a verge treatment;

  • Loose pea gravel, crushed brick or other stone aggregates are generally not permitted as verge treatments;

  • The verge treatment is not to impede pedestrian access;

  • The general level and grade of the verge is not to be altered;

  • All irrigation pipework and associated fittings are to be laid at a depth of not more than 300mm, nor less than 150mm, below ground level;

  • Mulch is to be woodchips or large-particle vegetative mulch material (please specify in sketch plan Verge Treatment Application);

  • Existing street trees are to be protected and not to be pruned or interfered with in any way without approval from the Town;

  • Verge treatments are to be setback 1.0m from the road frontage, and if no footpath is present, a 1.5m pedestrian area must be available at the property boundary;

  • Items such as children’s play equipment, garden ornaments, rockeries etc. will generally not be permitted; and

  • Installing verge plantings of any type (except for lawn) requires permission from the Town to ensure that designs are not hazardous and do not interfere with pedestrian or motorists safety.

Please complete the Verge Treatment Application Form and return to the Town.


The ‘Adopt-a-Verge’ program is about getting together with neighbours and transforming the verge areas in a street into beautiful native gardens, with the assistance of the Town of Victoria Park. The verge is considered to be the area between the road and your property.

There are many benefits in engaging in an Adopt-a-Verge program, including the greening of our local streets, increasing and fostering local biodiversity and establishing biodiversity corridors throughout the municipality (which means fauna can more easily move around).
The landscaping of residents’ verges using Waterwise practices may be eligible for a rebate of $500 per property, subject to funding. It is operated on a first-come, first served basis. The trial is not available to commercial or industrial properties, developers or existing landscaped verges.


Read the 'Street Verge Guidelines 2013' and the 'Adopt-a-Verge Program' flyer below, then start planning your new verge.  Then simply download the Verge Treatment Application form, fill out the required fields and return the completed application form to the Town either by email at, post at Locked Bag 437 Victoria Park WA 6979, or by dropping it into the Administration Building at 99 Shepperton Road Victoria Park WA 6100.


For any further enquiries, please contact the Town on 9311 8111.



I want a tree for my verge, how do I order one?

A street tree request can be made by emailing

I have ordered a verge tree - when will it be planted?

The Town plants trees from late April until August.

Does the Town water verge trees?

Yes, in the first three years after planting, the Town undertakes watering of its juvenile street trees. The Town does not water mature street trees.

The tree on my verge is dying and needs to be cut down. Does the Town do that?

The condition of the tree can be reported to the Town; we will undertake an assessment of the relevant tree and determine whether the tree warrants removal. If the tree is required to be removed, the Town will undertake this work.

My verge tree is hitting the power lines. Does the Town manage cutting it back?

If the tree is required to be pruned to comply with Western Power energy safety requirements, the Town will undertake this work. For further information call the Town 9311 8111 or email

Why is the use of artificial turf on Town verges not permitted?

• During July 2011, a community survey was undertaken. Most respondents said ‘NO’ to artificial turf on verges.
• On 13 December 2011, Council determined that the use of artificial turf on verges within the Town of Victoria Park is not permissible under the provisions of the Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law.
• The Town considers artificial turf to be an unsustainable verge treatment.

What are my watering days?

To determine your watering days please contact the Water Corporation on 13 10 39 or visit

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