Business Advisory Group

1. Overview

The Business Advisory Group was established by Council in February 2020 and is currently in the process of being set up. 

2. Membership

Mayor Karen Vernon Cr Wilfred Hendriks 
Cr Jesvin Karimi Shane Vasile 
Matthew Kenworthy Ryan Piggot 
Kimberley Skinner  Justin McMillan 
Patrick Renner  Daniel Doble 
Jo Bussell  Michael McHugh 
Mark Birkenshaw  Gino Lamelza 
Lenard Alto  Jamie Horner 
Paul Lai  Shellie Atwood 
Salwek Misian  Ceri Cummings 
Bhairab Dhakal  Ahmad Hassan 
Mike Ghasemi  Tanya Eustace 
Will Main  Russell White 


4. Agendas and minutes