Lathlain Park Advisory Group

1. Overview

The Lathlain Park Advisory Group supports and advises the Council on the development of concept plans for the staged development of the community and sport club facility.

2. Membership

Mayor Karen Vernon - Deputy Presiding Member
Cr Peter Devereux
Paul Kellick – Presiding Member

Russ Clark - Perth Football Club
Steven Rose - West Australian Football Commission
Timothy Botica

3. Terms of reference


The Group; is the Lathlain Park Advisory Group.

The Project; is the Lathlain Park Zone 1 project for the development of a community and sports club facility in accordance with the Council mandated project description and in compliance with the WAPC Approved Lathlain Park Management Plan.

Zone 1; is the portion of Lathlain Park designated as Zone 1 in the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) Approved Lathlain Park Management Plan 2017, located on the corner of Bishopsgate Street and Goddard Street, Lathlain.

The Plan; is the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) Approved Lathlain Park Management Plan 2017 planning document.

The Concept Design; is the project concept design for the development of a community and sports club facility within Lathlain Park Zone 1 that will be prepared by the appointed consultant team. 

Purpose and objective

1.            The purpose and objectives of the Group are to;

a.            support, assist and advise Council in the development of a Concept Design for the Zone 1 Project;

b.            ensure the Concept Design:

i.              complements the local built environment;

ii.             complements and respects the natural environment;

iii.            reflects the needs of the community and the users of the Zone and its future facilities;

iv.           represents best practice in urban design for quality and accessible community sport and recreation facilities; and

v.            complies with the Town’s Strategic Community Plan (SCP), the Lathlain Park Management Plan, the Project Business Case, relevant Council decisions and other Council endorsed strategies, plans and documents;

c.             ensure the Concept Design is informed by input from the community and all relevant stakeholders.

d.            identify any issues of the Plan which would impact on the concept design. 

2.            This advice is related to the following SCP outcomes:

a.            CL03 – Well thought out and managed projects that are delivered successfully.

b.            CL06 – Finance are managed appropriately, sustainably and transparently for the benefit of the community.

c.             EC01 – A desirable place for commerce and tourism that supports equity, diverse local employment and entrepreneurship.

d.            EC02 – A clean, safe and accessible place to visit.

e.            S01 – A healthy community.


3.            These terms of reference are effective upon endorsement by Council and continues until the endorsement of the concept design by Council which is anticipated to be by 30 June 2021. The term of this Group may otherwise be ended by resolution of Council.


4.            The Group shall be comprised of:

a.            two elected members (with all Town elected members as elected member representative deputies to the Group);

b.            four community members;

c.             five officers.

5.            All memberships expire at the end of the Group’s term.

6.            Members appointed to the Group are not entitled to a sitting fee, or any such type of remuneration.

Roles and responsibilities

7.            Each member of the Group is responsible for attending meetings, reviewing relevant material to enable informed discussion, and making timely decisions/actions to progress the objectives of the Group.

8.            Each member is expected to abide by the Town’s Code of Conduct, to have open and honest discussions and to treat each member with due courtesy and respect.

9.            In addition to these, the specific roles for each membership type are as follows:

a.            Elected members are responsible for ensuring that the Group adheres to the direction set by Council, contributing from a Town-wide perspective, and ensures that delivery of the Group’s objective.

b.            Community members are responsible for contributing to the delivery of the Group’s purpose and objectives within the scope of their skills, knowledge and capabilities.

c.             Officers are responsible for presenting to the Group, conducting necessary research, providing professional advice, and for administering its meetings.

10.          Council have endorsed participant membership representation of the Group as:

a.            Community member - Lathlain/ Carlisle Residents; Mr Timothy Botica

b.            Community member - Town Residents; Mr Paul Kellick

c.             Football Event Users – Western Australian Football Commission; Mr Josh Bowler

d.            Perth Football Club User; Mr Russ Clark

e.            Elected Member - whole of Town of Victoria Park; Mayor Karen Vernon

f.             Elected Member - Lathlain and Carlisle Locality; Councillor Brian Oliver 

11.          The CEO has approved officer participation as:

a.            Project Executive – responsible for delivery of the project;  COO Mr Ben Killigrew

b.            Project Manager – responsible for management of the project; SPM to be appointed as approved by the CEO

c.             Planning advisor – to provide planning guidance for development approval requirements; Manager Development Services Mr Robert Cruickshank

d.            Assets advisor – to provide general guidance on the asset lifecycle; Coordinator Strategic Assets Ms Jayde Robbins

e.            Meeting secretary; agenda preparation and meeting notes; Ms Alex Louise

Meeting procedures

12.          The Group will elect a presiding member and deputy presiding member at its first meeting. The presiding member will be the person consulted on the day-to-day operations of the Group and its required preparations, including the agenda, for its next meeting.

13.          The Group will meet as agreed and required, upon the calling of the meeting by the presiding member.

14.          The schedule of meetings will be developed and agreed by the Group and the Group may change the meeting schedule by agreement.

15.          The Group may invite meeting guests that may include, but not be limited to, staff and or external subject matter experts.

16.          Elected Members not members of the Group may attend meetings as observers at their discretion. 

17.          A meeting quorum will be at least 50% of the participating members of the Group. Decisions are to be made by consensus (i.e. members are satisfied with the decision even though it may not be their first choice). If not possible, the presiding member can make the final decision.

18.          If a member is unable to attend the meeting, they must advise the presiding member as soon as reasonably practicable.

19.          Member participation shall be on an individual basis and even though there may be differing, conflicting or ambiguous feedback from respective members in relation to different participant imperatives, all advice will be considered and noted. While Group consensus is welcome, it need is not required.

20.          The agenda and meeting notes are to be prepared by the Town, as follows:

a.            The agenda will be distributed no later than three working days before the meeting on the Town’s website.

b.            The minutes will be distributed no later than five working days after the meeting on the Town’s website.

c.             Both the agenda and meeting notes are to be developed in the prescribed form.


21.          This Group has no delegated authority to make any decisions for or on behalf of Council.

22.          The Group may only make decisions in respect to its day-to-day operations and these are to be made by consensus (i.e. members being satisfied with a decision even though it may not be their first choice). If consensus is not possible, the presiding member can make the final decision.


23.          Any variations to these Terms of Reference are to be endorsed by Council.


24.          The Group is expected to report to Council, in accordance with Policy 101 Governance of Council Advisory and Working Groups.


Lathlain Park Advisory Group Terms of Reference(PDF, 439KB)

4. Agendas and meeting notes

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