Participatory budgeting

Beginning late last year, Council participated in a number of internal workshops to prepare the Town's budget for the 2022-2023 financial year. As part of these workshops, Elected Members sought to agree on:

  • Key budget themes
  • Focus areas
  • Planned capital works projects
  • Service levels

Community sentiment played an important role in these discussions as, for the first time ever, the Town incorporated a participatory approach into the budget development process.

From February to March this year, we asked for your thoughts on the overarching areas of focus for the budget. We then held a series of Community Budget Workshops in casual cafe settings to provide community members with the opportunity to speak to Elected Members and Town staff about budget priorities within this year’s endorsed budget themes:

  • Clean and green Vic Park
  • Thriving and vibrant Vic Park
  • Improving the Town’s financial health

This community feedback will continue to help inform the way the Town approaches major projects, events and community engagement over the financial year to come.

For more information on the Annual Budget process and to view the results of the Town's community engagement, visit the Your Thoughts page.