CEO foreword


The Town has continued to transform the business to better meet and respond to community needs. The Administration’s function is to deliver on the strategic decisions that Council makes whether they relate to strategies, policies or advocacy decisions. After completing the new Strategic Community Plan, developing a new customer service model, and undertaking operational reviews, the next points of focus included a restructure of the organisation and performance measurement.

The Administration placed a freeze on non-essential recruitment for approximately two to three years, which enabled us to rebuild staffing numbers and refocus our attention to areas of greatest need. A more commercial, hybrid matrix, flat structure has been the outcome with a focus on cross-functional service delivery. The executive leadership roles have been reduced from five to four with middle management stable at nine. We now have a number of new roles and focus areas which were created within the existing 211 fulltime equivalent staffing allocation across Stakeholder Relations, Governance Support, Governance Compliance, Organisational Development, Place Management, Transport Planning, Business Services, Digital Marketing and Volunteering.

To better reflect the organisation’s performance, the Town is developing a performance dashboard, which will be used within the organisation and displayed publicly. As part of the Strategic Community Plan process the Town committed to develop performance scorecards to ensure community was aware of the organisation’s performance levels at any given moment. As this is new to the organisation, it is expected to transform the quality of information provided over time.

Significant progress has been made on the development of the Local Planning Strategy which will inform the creation of Town Planning Scheme number 2. With significant growth identified in the Town and initial conversations occurring through the Strategic Community Plan development, the Local Planning Strategy is a very significant guiding document for the Town’s future. Consent to advertise the document is expected to occur by the end of 2018, subject to the WA Planning Commission’s approval.

As the Town strives to create ‘a dynamic place for everyone’ and take a very holistic approach to community outcomes, in June 2017 the Council agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in partnership with the Shire of Morawa which will benefit both Councils in terms of service delivery, sustainability and growth.

Lastly and most importantly this year, to ensure a high performance culture is maintained, Executive and Council jointly signed and committed to a charter of signature behaviours and the organisation’s values with the aim of instilling a partnership approach to our leadership. 

Anthony Vuleta