Strategic Community Plan Annual Reporting

All local governments are required to produce a plan for the future under the Local Government Act 1995. The Strategic Community Plan is a long-term plan for the community it serves, which is reviewed every four years. It is the principal strategy and planning document that reflects the community’s long-term aspirational vision, mission and priorities.

In July 2017, the Town of Victoria Park adopted a new Strategic Community Plan.

The single most important aspect of preparing this plan was to genuinely engage the community about their wants and needs for the future of Vic Park.

Going beyond legislated guidelines, the Town rolled out an intensive community engagement project named Evolve, which saw almost 350 people attending 100 workshops and contributing 2,700 participant hours over 12 months

The culmination is the Town’s new Strategic Community Plan, which has seen us transition from living a vibrant life, to creating ‘a dynamic place for everyone’.

The plan is now being used to define our short and long-term goals. Everything we do links back to the Strategic Community Plan and is focused on achieving its strategic outcomes.

This Annual Report is the first to report on those strategic outcomes under the four identified areas of priority: social, economic, environment and civic leadership.

Our vision for the future

The Town of Victoria Park: A dynamic place for everyone.

  • We are Perth's most empowered and engaged community.
  • We are Perth's premier place for entertainment and entrepreneurship.
  • We lead in sustainability.
  • We put people first in urban design and safety.
  • We are inclusive and connected with a thriving community.