Community Charter

Our promise to you

The Town of Victoria Park recognises our community is diverse. We want to work in partnership with you to deliver services, programs and projects for our community.

We aim to respond to the changing needs of our people and places to create a sustainable, inclusive, thriving and connected community…a dynamic place for everyone.

This Community Charter describes what you can expect from us in all aspects of our work and interactions with the public.

We will


Be Open

Listen  Actively seek to understand your views, respecting all perspectives and opinions.
Adapt Explore options before choosing a direction with a flexible and agile approach, adapting to strengths and opportunities as we go.
Trust Build trust by being honest and transparent about our purpose and priorities, with easily accessible information, services and places.

Connect & Engage

Communicate Convey easy to understand, proactive and timely messages and consistently respond to issues and feedback.
Shape Create tailored engagement and co-create opportunities, with choice around how you share feedback, get involved and influence the outcome.
Inform Inform you of decisions, how and why they were made. If things change we will also let you know.

Take Action

Initiate Proactively review processes and find areas for improvement over and above ‘business as usual’, to create efficiencies.
Partner Work in partnership with you during planning, design, development, and delivery of initiatives wherever possible.
Develop Increase your knowledge and skills as well as encourage community-led projects, recognising when to take the lead or when the desire, capacity and ability is there for community to do things for themselves.


When the charter is working

  • You are open with us, share your opinions and aspirations with us.
  • You feel heard and believe your views were considered in decision making processes.
  • You tell us we have communicated clearly and in a timely manner.
  • You say participation opportunities were genuine and meaningful.
  • You understand what we are doing, when and why, and how we will get there.
  • You seek to collaborate and partner with us, and play an active role in improving our community.