Urban Forest Strategy Implementation Action Plan

The IAP has been developed by the Transition to Implementation Working Group to set out the actions and tasks the Town and community are to undertake to achieve the UFS’ strategic outcomes.

The plan sets out the next five years for action, and will inform the Town’s annual budget, operational tasks and include reporting measures.

There are six key strategic outcomes from the IAP:

  • Plant and protect sufficient trees by 2020 to ultimately achieve a 20% canopy target.
  • Maximise community involvement and collaboration.
  • Increase tree diversity whist favouring local endemic and West Australian species (where appropriate) that also support wildlife.
  • Maintain high standard of tree health.
  • Improve soil and water quality.
  • Improve the urban ecosystem.

The IAP also proposes to establish a volunteer urban foresters network that can be mobilised for a mass-planting and stewardship program.