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The following terms and conditions apply to competitions when specific terms and conditions have not been set for a competition.

  1. The promoter is the Town of Victoria Park. Locked Bag No. 437, Victoria Park WA 6100.
  2. Instructions on how to enter and prizes form part of these conditions.
  3. Entry is open to all residents of the Town of Victoria Park.
  4. Employees of the promoter and associated promotional partners, their related companies and agencies and the immediate families of the persons are not eligible to enter.
  5. To enter, entrants must follow the instructions of an individual competition and submit their entry by the closing date.
  6. Entries must be submitted to the Town of Victoria Park, following the instructions stated on the individual competition.
  7. Winners will be notified by email, phone or social media no more than one week after the individual competition closes.
  8. If selected winners cannot be contacted, prizes will be redrawn and new winners selected.
  9. Delivery of prizes will be arranged with the winning entrants when they are contacted.
  10. The winner’s details will be used by the promoter for the purpose of distributing the prizes and to promote their winning entries via the website, social media and any other promotional publication or online media.
  11. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable. Any ancillary costs associated with redeeming the prizes shall be the sole responsibility of the corresponding prize winners.
  12. The promoter is not responsible for any human error which may occur in the processing of entries in this promotion.
  13. The promoter shall not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for personal injury suffered or sustained, as a result of accepting a prize, except liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  14. Promoters ABN: 77 284 859 739

The COVID-19 Action Plan (CAP) is a dynamic document which lists the actions and projects that we will implement to achievewhat we've set out in the COVID-19 Response Strategy, and support the economic and social recovery of our community. As the CAP is a living document, the process of new projects being added and the document being reviewed and endorsed by Council will be an ongoing process.

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The authority to set fees and charges is contained within Section 6.16 (Imposition of fees and charges) and Section 6.17 (Setting the level of fees and charges) of the Local Government Act 1995. Council acknowledges that, in determining the amount of a fee or charge for a service or for goods, consideration has been given to:
  • The cost to the Council of providing the service or goods
  • The importance of the service or the goods to the community
  • The price at which the service or goods could be provided by an alternative supplier.

The recommended fees aim to maintain affordable access to Council facilities and services. Fees and charges may need to increase each year in order to recover the increased cost of doing business - as consideration to those aforementioned points is measured and considered. Further reviews of management practices and the service levels provided by the Town may have an impact on fees and charges in the future.

This plan provides strategic direction for the effective management of
information and communications technology to ensure that ICT systems
are controlled and maintained in line with corporate objectives and
emerging trends.

This document has been prepared in accordance with Part 5 Section 96 (1) of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the FOI Act) which requires each government agency to prepare and publish an Information Statement annually. This information statement sets out:

  • The agency’s mission statement
  • Details of legislation administered
  • Details of the agency structure
  • Details of decision-making functions
  • Opportunities for public participation in the formulation of policy and performance of agency functions
  • Documents held by the agency
  • The operation of FOI in the agency.

The Town’s Strategic Community Plan forms the basis of the Town’s planning and decision making as well as becoming our roadmap for the next 15 years. The plan will be referenced and will guide any planning and decision making that occurs in the Town of Victoria Park.

The Strategic Community Plan is supported by the Four Year Corporate Business Plan, the Long Term Financial Plan, the Workforce Plan, and five Asset Management Plans.

The Land Asset Optimisation Strategy (LAOS) was developed by the Town in 2013 to determine if any opportunities are available on property and land assets owned or controlled by the Town to ensure suitable returns (social, environmental and economic). If any economic potential exists, this should be maximised to reduce the Town’s reliance on rates revenue. 

Council considers the LAOS and the potential income generation from its land and property assets as critical to part of the long-term vision for financial sustainability and revenue diversification. 

The Town owns a broad range of assets - land being just one type.  Similar to any other asset class, the Town needs to manage and maintain its freehold land and property assets with financial, economic and risk management considerations in mind. 

Identifying and realising the full potential for income generation from appropriate land and property assets is a complex process, involving:

  • detailed financial modelling,
  • commercial negotiations, and
  • market analysis

in order to achieve the best possible result.

Also, Council must understand any risks involved and ensure that any actions do not adversely impact on the financial position of Council. 

Having underutilised land and property assets creates significant real and/or opportunity costs to the Town and impacts our aim for financial diversification and sustainability. An investment strategy currently under development will guide the acquisition of property focused on delivering a financial return to the Town. These properties will aim to provide a dividend to the Town that can contribute to the Town’s finances or be reinvested. 

The LAOS strategy was received and approved by Council with a recommendation that any proposal in respect to Council-owned or controlled property would be considered by Council on a case-by-case basis, with reference to the LAOS, Council Strategic Community Plan and Long Term Financial Plan. 

Funds generated from the optimisation of land are transferred into the Land Optimisation Reserve to assist in funding future LAOS projects and the investment required to build on the Town’s property portfolio. 

The LAOS was received as a confidential item at the October 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting. The strategy has not been made public as it contains market sensitive information that if made available, would place the Town in a financially disadvantaged position.

The Local Heritage Survey (previously known as the ‘Municipal Heritage Inventory’) is a guiding document outlining the heritage value of various historic buildings throughout the Town. The Local Heritage Survey does not form part of the Town Planning scheme, however it provides a thematic framework that has identified places of historical and cultural significance.

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