2021 election candidates


2021 local government elections will be held on Saturday, 16 October.

The Town of Victoria Park has four elected member positions to be filled, two in Banksia Ward and two in Jarrah Ward.

Candidates are listed in the order that they will appear on the ballot paper.

Banksia Ward – Candidates

Banksia Ward Results of Election for Town of Victoria Park(PDF, 271KB)



As a young person in Carlisle I know what people want Vic Park to look like tomorrow. My studies in architecture and my recent connection to student life make me uniquely placed to understand the intersection of healthy environments, what makes communities vibrant and the inspirational nature of good design.

I believe that the council has the obligation to provide a true reflection of all of our communities’ colours and strengths; equitable access to services and housing by all members of our society, including our flora and fauna; the inclusion and care of our young and most vulnerable, and the strategic partnering with our strongest; balance between steering towards future aspirations while attending to the needs of the present. I aim to drive this process from obligation to fruition.

Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/andy.banksia



Compassionate, strong and dedicated;

As a long time resident having grown up within the Town, I am seeking re-election. Since being elected at the extraordinary election in February 2020, I've been appointed to a number of advisory and working groups as well as having worked on two council budget cycles.

I want to continue to represent you and be a voice that shapes the future direction of the Town, that benefits all residents and ratepayers, now and into the future ensuring that our Town continues to be highly liveable, sustainable, and inclusive. The past year has seen a lot of uncertainty and now more than ever, I believe it is important to have someone who is experienced in working in council and able to make decisions for our collective futures.

All I ask is for one of your two votes.

Mobile: 0406 825 806

Email: Luana4Banksia@gmail.com

Social Network Address: http://www.facebook.com/Luana4Banksia



I want to work with you using my local and international experience to consolidate Vic Park as a green, healthy and happy place building on the strengths of our diverse community and strategic location.

I’ve loved living in Victoria Park with my family since 1995. I’ve completed a PhD in environment and development and teach sustainability at Curtin and Murdoch Universities.

I have been an international volunteer, United Nations staff and Oxfam and One World Centre board member learning to consult and connect community, business and government. I’m an active volunteer and advocate for pedestrian, nature and cycle friendly streets and sustainable housing. A keen tennis player at Higgins Park I will encourage ongoing council support of sport and recreation for wellbeing and fun of all ages.

Home: 9362 5459

Postal Address: 163 Star St CARLISLE 6101

Email: drpeterdevereux@gmail.com

Social Network Address: https://www.facebook.com/drpeterdevereux

Jarrah Ward – Candidates

Jarrah Ward Results of Election for Town of Victoria Park(PDF, 297KB)



As a proud husband and father, a long term resident and successful small business owner, I am passionate about contributing to the sustainable development of this unique local hub whilst creating a safe environment for families and local businesses to thrive.

As your local elected council member I will stand for:

• A safe and connected environment for families.

• Supporting local businesses.

• Preserving our green spaces.

I look forward to working with local community groups to continue to offer engaging activities and events to promote diversity of culture in our next generation. Our community offers a unique lifestyle and I believe that with thoughtful innovation and investment, the ToVP has even more potential in the future. Together, lets make Vic Park the best community it can be.

Mobile: 0405 706 610

Postal Address: 87 sussex street EAST VICTORIA PARK 6101

Email: hamer.jesse@gmail.com

Social Network Address: https://www.facebook.com/Jesse4vicpark



With my family, I have been living and working in East Victoria Park for the past 12 years.

After graduating from Curtin School of Law, I work as a paralegal for a local engineering company.

As a candidate for upcoming elections, I prioritize the following: the safety of our residents and taxpayers’ streets, parks, and sports facilities. The safety of our life, health, and property.

Preventive work with potential offenders, timely contact with the local police, educational and correctional institutions.

To support and develop local businesses in all aspects of their operations and try to maximize the benefits for our local residents and taxpayers, as well as the support of our civil society, civil values, and freedoms.

At EVP we value and respect the choice of each resident!

Mobile: 0435 316 310

Postal Address: 52a Kent Street, East Victoria Park 6101

Email: ioannidi2@hotmail.com



As the current Deputy Mayor, I am an independent, optimistic and community-focused voice on council. I have lived in Victoria Park for the last 19 years and we enjoy raising our two kids and rescue dog here. My work on council includes the declaration of a climate emergency, support for the Edward Millen House land lease, and an ongoing commitment to our public open spaces. If re-elected to council I will continue to represent the residents of the town with the enthusiasm, compassion and commitment that Victoria Park deserves. I will continue my commitment to preserving green spaces, implementation of the climate emergency plan and the urban forest strategy, supporting progressive projects for the town and ensuring transparency in all our work. I look forward to continuing to work for you.

Postal Address: 65 Manchester St VICTORIA PARK 6100

Email: BronforVicPark@mail.com

Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/BronforVicPark



I have been living and working in the town of Victoria park for the past 5+ years after finishing my studies.

I have strong belief in personal freedoms and helping with movements such as the Legalise Cannabis Party WA in the past state election leading two elected members in the legislative council.

My beliefs for a positive future for the town of Victoria Park:

Building for the community.

Supporting local businesses.

Representing as a voice of the people.

Mobile: 0457 652 306

Email: mulholland.fred@gmail.com 



I am a young professional living in our Town, and can offer a strong analytical mindset, pragmatic approach and diversity to Council.

I am driven by my core values: authenticity, respect and integrity. I have lived these values throughout my working life. I volunteered with the Salvos and a community legal centre in my youth. I was a Federal Prosecutor and CCC lawyer. I am now the RSPCA WA's Prosecutor. I will rigorously consider both sides of any proposal before Council and ask the difficult questions.

I love our entertainment strip. I will advocate within Council for increased parking; support for recreational facilities, parks and local business; improvement of local roads; and ways to limit rate increases to ensure we achieve the best results for our community now and into the future!

Email: bpanzich4vpc@outlook.com 



I’ve lived in Vic Park for 24 yrs, raised 4 kids, enjoyed our community’s diversity, convenience and atmosphere.

As an Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Leader/Mentor and retired ecological architect, I’m keen to give back to my community. Local Government Matters! We can enhance liveability, conserve social infrastructure, nature and heritage, whilst addressing Climate Change.

Challenges are opportunities for a resilient, equitable community by means of sustainable, nodal development, with a thriving local economy, living along safer, calmer, accessible streets for walking and cycling, in a greened environment that celebrates nature, supports biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration and linkages, and builds social connection, neighbourhood relationships and vibrant communities.

Mobile: 0417 950 061

Postal Address: 5a Teague Street Burswood 6100

Email: Gerard4Jarrah@gmail.com 

Social Network Address: www.facebook.com/GerardForVicPark



I'm a long term local who has lived and worked in Victoria Park for many years. I'm proud to call Vic Park home.

I know our area well, and understand the issues impacting local residents. I previously worked in Ben Wyatt's Victoria Park office, supporting residents and advocating for our community. More recently, I worked in a senior role at Containers for Change.

I'm standing for election because I want to give back to our community. As a Councillor, I'll fight for support for our local businesses, more environmental and recycling initiatives, and strong consultation on developments in our community.

I'll be an active and accessible Councillor, who will always put the interest of Vic Park residents first.

Mobile: 0438 927 231

Email: adelaideforvictoriapark@gmail.com

Social Network Address: facebook.com/adelaideforjarrahward