Electoral gifts

Electoral gifts

In accordance with Part 5A of the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997candidates and donors must disclose gifts received, made or promised during the disclosure period. For the 2021 ordinary elections, the electoral gift disclosure period commenced on 16 April 2021 and will conclude three days following the election on 19 October 2021. 

Disclosures must be made -

  • within three days of nominating, if the gift was received, made or promised prior to the candidate nominating, or
  • within three days of the gift being received, made or promised if this occurs after the candidate nominates.  

A gift is an electoral gift for the purposes of the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 where - 

  • the gift relates to the candidate’s candidature, and
  • the value of the gift is $200 or more, or it is one of two or more gifts made by the same person, during the disclosure period, with a total value of $200 or more.

A gift cannot be accepted from an anonymous donor under any circumstance.

If you intend to be a candidate in the forthcoming election it is recommended that you keep a record of your potential electoral gifts from 16 April 2021, to assist you in declaring your gifts following nominations.

For any queries relating to the election or to submit disclosure forms, please email governancevicpark@vicpark.wa.gov.au.

Electoral gift register

In accordance with regulation 30G the Town must keep a register of all electoral gift disclosures received and publish the register on the website.