Council meeting FAQs

Why are there two meetings?

The Agenda Briefing Forum (ABF) gives elected members and members of the public an opportunity to ask questions on items in the draft Ordinary Council Meeting agenda.

The Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) is where elected members vote on the items on the agenda.

Is there an opportunity for the public to ask questions or make a statement?

Yes, public questions and statements may be made at the beginning and end of both the ABF and OCM meetings. Questions and statements at the end of ABF are limited to those items on the agenda and those members of the public who did not participate in the first public participation time at that meeting.

A separate opportunity exists for deputations to be made on a matter on the agenda at both the OCM and ABF.

Decisions are made at the OCM.  Questions or statements that relate to a matter that is on the agenda should be made either at the ABF, or during the first public question and public statement time at the OCM. At the second public question and statement time at the OCM, the decision would have already been made.  

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What is the correct protocol for asking questions or making a statement?

A member of the public must state his or her name, and suburb, before asking any question or making a statement. While not required, it is recommended that questions and statement be provided in advance by completing the Public Question/Statement Form.  

Can I make a presentation to Council?

Presentations can be made to Council at an Agenda Briefing Forum and deputations can be made to Council at both Agenda Briefing Forums and Ordinary Council Meetings. 

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What if my questions can’t be answered immediately?

If this occurs, the question may be 'taken on notice' by officers or elected members for a later response. If a question has been taken on notice at the ABF and it relates to a matter on the agenda, the response will be provided both in writing to the person and as part of the ‘Further consideration’ section in the officer report contained in the OCM agenda. If a question is taken on notice at the ABF relating to general matters, the response will be provided to the person in writing and will be included as part of the next OCM's agenda (held two weeks later).

Any question taken on notice at the OCM will be provided to the person in writing and will be included as part of the next OCM's agenda (held a month later).   

Where can I get a copy of the agenda?

Minutes and agendas can be viewed on the Minutes and Agendas page.

Printed copies can be requested in advance by contacting Governance at or 9311 8111.  

When are we able to view the minutes?

The notes from the Agenda Briefing Forum and minutes from the Ordinary Council Meeting are available on the Minutes and Agendas page from the Friday following the meeting.