Our plan for the future

1. Strategic Community Plan

The Strategic Community Plan 2022-2032 is the overarching strategy and planning document that reflects our community’s long-term vision, aspirations and priorities.

The plan is built upon a central vision – for Victoria Park to be a dynamic place for everyone.

This vision is supported by our purpose, values, mission, community priorities and Town objectives.

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2. Strategic Framework

The Town endeavours to undertake its work using a carefully crafted and best-practise strategic framework. This strategic direction is broad and varied, includes extensive and ongoing local community engagement and is ultimately set by our locally appointed elected members. Our strategic framework is complex and interlinked but follows a clear hierarchy. 

The Strategic Community Plan is the overarching strategy and planning document that reflects our community’s long-term vision, aspirations and priorities.

To achieve our vision, the SCP is delivered through a framework of supporting plans and strategies, including:

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan outlines the projects and services that the Town will deliver over a five-year period to help achieve the objectives of the Strategic Community Plan.

Long Term Financial Plan

The Long Term Financial Plan sets out the funding required to deliver the Town’s strategic programs and ongoing services, prioritised and timed according to the Town’s financial outlook.

Place Plans

The Town's Place Plans pull together all of the work and projects identified to be delivered in each of the Town's 10 neighbourhoods over the coming four years.

Check out the Town's Place Plans here.

Informing Strategies and Strategic Programs of Work

To deliver the Strategic Community Plan, the Town has a series of detailed strategies on a range of topics including transport, economic development, events, public places and more.

These are implemented through interlinking programs of work contained in the Corporate Business Plan and Long Term Financial Plan.

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3. Current informing strategies

The Town's current informing strategies are listed below. All strategies set the direction for a particular area and are delivered through coordinated programs of work.

Integrated Transport Strategy

The Town’s Integrated Transport Strategy outlines the Town’s approach to movement around and through the Town. It guides the future design of our streets, roads and lanes, and involves major advocacy efforts to State and Federal government.

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Urban Forest Strategy

The Town’s Urban Forest Strategy outlines the its approach to our local urban ecology, including tree planting, the creation of new urban ecosystems, urban greening education and active community participation in urban greening.

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Social Infrastructure Strategy

The Town’s Social Infrastructure Strategy provides a strategic approach to planning, delivering and managing social infrastructure in alignment with population growth laid out in its Local Planning Strategy.

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Local Planning Strategy

The Town’s Local Planning Strategy sets the strategic direction for managing the growth and development of our Local Government Area over the next 10 to 15 years.

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Public Open Space Strategy

The Town’s Public Open Space Strategy sets a direction for improving the quality, accessibility and supply of public open space. It guides the future design and use of the Town’s public spaces.

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Economic Development Strategy

The Town’s Economic Development Strategy provides a 5-year vision and blueprint for sustainable economic growth. It includes quick wins, short-term actions and medium to long-term strategies that provide a blueprint to guide our partners and stakeholders.

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Events Strategy

The Town’s Events Strategy provides clarification on the different roles it plays in event delivery and gives a calendar of events and days of significance to be marked, as well as allocated budget.

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