Policy 114 Community funding

Policy number Policy 114
Policy title Communityfunding
Strategic outcomes supported

CL6 - Finances are managed appropriately, sustainably and transparently for the benefit of the community.

S3 – An empowered community with a sense of pride, safety and belonging

Policy objective:

This policy aims to ensure the success and prosperity of the Town’s community while ensuring transparency of funding decisions and accountability of those parties receiving funding.

Policy scope:

This policy applies to any eligible party seeking funding from the Town through the following programs;

  • Community grants program
  • Donations
  • Operating subsides (including peppercorn lease)
  • Rebates
  • Sponsorship


The following definitions apply within this policy:

auspice organisation means legal entity which must take responsibility for applying, receiving, holding, administrating and acquitting against a grant or funding on behalf of an unincorporated organisation or individual.

business means a registered trading business

business group means a group of two or more local businesses who work in partnership

community grants program includes any grant program which is open to the local community and residents in return for social outcomes at an individual and community level

cost-benefit comparison relates to social benefits and outcomes achieved at an individual and community level being greater than the totality of funding and support provided by the Town.The funding recipient will be required to attribute a cost against the operational service delivery cost required to achieve the social benefits and outcomes.

cost-effectiveness analysis means the comparison of two similar programs or services taking into consideration cost and resourcing against the benefits and outcomes anticipated to be achieved or achieved. A cost-effectiveness analysis helps to determine which ‘applicant’ should receive funding/ resources based upon;

a. the greatest potential impact at an individual and community level informed through a cost-benefit comparison; and

b. Should sufficient funds be available Council may elect to approve two or more similar operating subsides donation means a financial gift to an eligible party

donation means a financial gift to an eligible party

economic efficiency is when goods and services that are produced are the ones that are most valued by society, produced at least cost and allocated to those who value them most highly. Economic efficiency comprises;

a. allocative efficiency- allocating resources to their most productive use;

b. technical efficiency- providing goods and services at least cost; and

c. dynamic efficiency- ensuring that investments are optimal over the long-term (three year maximum contracts) in both their timing and location

established and solvent means;

a. operating a business for all or part of the income year

b. cash reserve and/or guaranteed income to cover three months worths of operating costs at any time

c. has an aggregated turnover less than $10 million annually

d. has demonstrated capacity to deliver upon Funding Agreements

funding agreement means a contract entered into by the Town and funding recipient which stipulates obligations inclusive of, deliverables, reporting requirements, roles and responsibilities, termination of funding and funding period.

incorporated association means an association, as defined by the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA), inclusive of any association, society, club, institution, community group or body formed or carried on for a lawful purpose. All profits made by the association must be used to benefit the association or, in the case of a charity, the beneficiaries of that charity, and not for the gain of its individual members.

in-kind support means goods or services provided to eligible parties by the Town. Such as fee waiver for the use of the Town’s facilities and services, inclusive of parks, reserves or equipment; or support inclusive of but not limited to cross-promotion through social media platforms and production of marketing material. In-kind support will be attributed a monetary value and considered within the totality of funds provided by the Town to the eligible party.

intervention means a program, service or initiative operating subsidy means a cash payment and/ or peppercorn lease made to an eligible party to support its sustainable operating capacity to deliver programs, support and services to the local community, capped at 50% of total operating costs.

party means any person, community group, business group, organisation or other, applying for funding from the Town.

peppercorn lease means a subsidised nominal rental amount which is significantly below the market valuation. Thus forfeiting revenue in return for social benefits for the community (to be informed by cost-benefit comparison).

program means an intervention, event, initiative, or service delivered by a party to a specific community cohort or the general community

rebate means a financial reimbursement of the expenditure of funds, to an eligible party, excluding rate rebates or concessions social enterprise (also referred to as business) means;

social enterprise (also referred to as business) means;

a. a small business that is led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit

b. derive a substantial portion of their income from trade

c. reinvest the majority of their profits/ surplus in the fulfilment of their mission.

sponsorship means a commercial arrangement in which a sponsor provides a contribution in money and or in-kind support, to support an activity in return for certain specified benefits. Sponsorship is not philanthropic. A sponsor expects to receive a reciprocal benefit beyond modest acknowledgement.

sustainable operating capacity means the capacity of an organisation to remain financially viable over a long-term period through diverse revenue and funding streams which meet the full cost of services delivery, attract and retain human capital, and manage operational risks

town team/ place-based group means a group of residents, businesses and landowners working collaboratively to improve their local neighbourhood.

Policy statement:

.1. The Town will administer funding programs to support the resilience of the community.

2. Funding programs are subject to an annual budget approval process. The Town reserves the right to withhold the administration or availability of any of the following funding programs based upon the long term and annual financial position of the Town.

3. Any party wishing to apply for funding must have Public Liability Insurance of $10million (with the exception of rebates and donations)

4. The Town reserves the right to deny funding to any party should the proposed program or initiative or party conflict with the Town’s Vision, Mission or Values, or bring the Town’s brand or reputation into disrepute, or at its discretion. 

Ineligiblity criteria

5. Unless otherwise stated, the following ineligibility criteria applies to all funding programs contained with this policy. Additional ineligibility criteria will be noted under each funding program. Applicants will be ineligible whereby the;

a. applicant has an outstanding debt to the Town
b. applicant has failed to submit a satisfactory acquittal for a previous Town funding program
c. application is submitted retrospectively i.e. after a project, activity and/or program has already taken place
d. applicant has failed to comply with the operational Terms and Conditions of the funding program being are applying for
e. applicant is a Town employee, Elected Member or their closely associated persons as per the Local Government Act.  

Community grants program

6. The community grants program will increase the capacity of community groups, businesses, clubs and organisations within the Town of Victoria Park, to implement projects, activities and programs that enhance and promote community wellbeing, aligned to the Town’s Strategic Community Plan.

Grant funding programs

7. The Community Grants program is comprised of a range of community grant programs inclusive of, but not limited to;

a. Community grants;
b. Community safety;
c. Creative arts;
d. Healthy communities;
e. Town team grants; and
f. Urban forest strategy grants


8. The aims of the Town’s Community Grants Program are to:

a. complement and achieve the Town of Victoria Park’s strategic objectives;
b. provide financial assistance to the community to develop and implement projects, activities and programs that enhance the wellbeing of the community;
c. strengthen local community capacity and cohesion through capitalising on the strengths and abilities of the community to effectively identify its own needs and to plan, develop and implement innovative solutions;
d. facilitate fair, transparent and equitable distribution of community resources and programs through the Town; and
e. increase participation and accessibility to a range of quality and innovative programs and activities for the residents of the Town. 


9. Applicants will be eligible for a grant where the party is one of the following;

a. an incorporated nor-for-profit organisation;
b. community group or clubs;
c. artist
d. resident association
e. town team/ place-based group
f. parents and citizen (P&C) and parents and friends (P&F) associations;
g. schools (only for projects falling outside the Department of Education responsibilities);
h. social-enterprise
i. an individual wishing to seek a grant through an auspice organisation; 

Approval process:

10. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the operational management of the funding program.

11. Funding rounds will be tailored to the specific community grants program, and detailed in Practice 114.1 Community grants which is to be made publically available.

12. The Town may choose to receive public recognition from the grant recipient, through means as deemed appropriate by the Town; and

13. Applications which exceed the capped value of grants program will be referred to Council for determination where deemed appropriate by Administration, and dependent upon available funding as endorsed in the annual budget. 


14. The donations program will support the local community through an annual financial assistance program.

15. Donations will be for the provision of charitable purposes or services; or to support individual or group achievement at a state, national or international level of competition; and

16. The Town reserves the right to request a profile of the donation recipient including what the funds will be or have been used for.


17. The aims of the Town of Victoria Park’s Community Donations Program are:

a. To complement the Town of Victoria Park’s strategic objectives;
b. The support the following three (3) categories through financial assistance:

Sporting Activities

i. To support local residents who reside within the Town aged between 12- 25 years to participate within their sporting discipline at a national or international level
ii. Applicants must produce a letter of selection from their state sporting association or national body

Youth Leadership and Development

iii. To support individuals aged between 12-25 years nominated to undertake a youth leadership or development course delivered by a recognised organisation for personal and/ or professional development
iv. Applicants must demonstrate a letter of offer to undertake the personal or professional development

School Welfare

v. Maximum of two applications per school, per financial year, to support the welfare of students and families requiring assistance with educational fees or items.
vi. The school must submit the application on behalf of the student/ family. 

Approval process:

18. Dependent upon annual budget approval, funding will be available year round, or until funds have been expended.

19. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for operationalising and administering the Donations program in accordance with Practice 114.2 Donations, which is to be made publically available. 


20. The objective of the Sponsorship program is to maximise opportunities for collaboration/partnerships between the Town and the community. 


21. The aims of the Sponsorship program are:

a. To complement the Town’s strategic objectives;

b. To increase economic vibrancy by raising the profile of the Town/achieving the Town’s marketing and communications objectives; and

c. To build relationships with key stakeholders.


22. The following parties are eligible to apply for Town Sponsorship;

a. An established and solvent commercial business or operator
b. An established and solvent incorporated community group


23. In addition to the ineligibility clause applicants will be ineligible for sponsorship if they meet any of the following:

a. The applicant is insolvent;
b. An applicant is in legal or financial conflict with the Town;
c. The applicant connects the Town with a political party or lobby group. 

Approval process

24. Dependent upon annual funding approval, funding will be released in two rounds per year and publically advertised.

25. Sponsorship can be administered in the form of cash, in-kind support, or a combination of the both.

26. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for operationalising and administering the Sponsorship program in accordance with Practice 114.3 Sponsorship, which is to be made publically available.

27. Successful applicants will be required to provide the Town with a satisfactory acquittal demonstrating cost and benefit analysis.

28. Should the acquittal process be deem unsatisfactory, the Town reserves the right to request the full reimbursement of funds.  

Operating subsidy

29. The Operating subsidy program will support the operating capacity of eligible parties to deliver meaningful interventions, programs and services to the community. 


30. To ensure economic efficiency, accountability and transparent financial management of funds by the Town, inclusive of in-kind support, cash and peppercorn lease. 


31. Applicants must met the following;

a. must be an established and solvent incorporated not-for-profit organisation or social enterprise
b. the mission/ purpose of the organisation or social-enterprise must be of a sporting or recreational, cultural or community service focus;
c. the mission / purpose will be stated in the organisations constitution, details of incorporation or similar statement of purpose;
d. operating subsidy request is based upon industry benchmarked standard costs of operation;
e. the impact of the operating subsidy upon competition and economic efficiency are minimised as far as practicable and evidenced by the applying party


32. Applicants will be ineligible for an Operational Subsidy where the;

a. eligibility criteria is not met;
b. applicant does not operate within the Town from a rateable premise;
c. applicant has previously breached a requirement of a lease or licence with the Town and failed to rectify the breach to the satisfaction of the Town; and
d. applicant is insolvent; 

Approval process

33. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for operationalising and administering the Operating subsidy program in accordance with Practice 114.4 Operating subsidies, which is to be made publically available.

34. Dependent upon annual budget approval, the Operating Subsidy Program will be advertised publically with one founding round open per year.

35. Operating subsidies will be capped at 50% of total operating costs, inclusive of cash, in-kind support relating to subsided rental value of the lease forfeited under a peppercorn lease.

36. The Town will be responsible for receiving operating subsidy applications and making a recommendation to Council for consideration.

37. Applications will be assessed against cost-benefit comparison aligned to the Town’s Strategic Community Plan outcomes.

 38. In the instance where two or more applicants apply for an operating subsidy to deliver similar services, a costeffectiveness analysis (CEA) will be undertaken to ensure the most efficient use of rate payers funds.

39. Should sufficient funds be available Council may elect to approve two or more similar operating subsides.

40. Three (3) year recurrent Funding Agreements will be entered into with the successful applicant.

41. Consumer Price Index Perth all Groups will be applied annually to the life of the funding contract

42. Successful applications will be required to provide quarterly ‘output reports’ and an annual ‘outcome report’ to the Town, to be used by the Town as the Town deems fit.

43. The annual outcome report must demonstrate cost-benefit comparison in return for the operating subsidy.

44. The Town reserves the right to terminate a Funding Agreement upon unsatisfactory annual outcomes reported in an acquittal and or report.

45. Should the acquittal process be deem unsatisfactory, the Town reserves the right to request the full reimbursement of funding provided. 

46. The Town reserves the right to incrementally decrease funding per year to promote sustainable operating capacity, should the financial position of the funding recipient change.

47. The eligibility criteria, reporting and acquittal process will be made publically available on the Town’s website.


48. The rebates programs relates to the following funding programs:

a. Adopt-a-verge
c. Security Incentive scheme
d. Street meet and greet 


49. The ‘Adopt-a-Verge’ program supports residents to transform the verge areas in their street into beautiful native gardens, with the assistance of the Town of Victoria Park. A verge is considered to be the area between the road and your property.


50. The aims of the Adopt-a-Verge program are to:

a. Reduce water use;
b. Increase Biodiversity; and
c. Promote aesthetically pleasing verges 


51. Local residents are eligible for an adopt-a-verge rebate 


52. The following parties are ineligible for an adopt-a-verge rebate;

a. Commercial or industrial properties; and
b. Property developers 

CCTV Partnership Program


53. To assist private residences, businesses or community groups to install an effective CCTV system and create a partnership between the applicant, WA Police Force, and the Town to address crime and safety problems through visual surveillance. 


54. Any property owner, resident, business or community group in the Town is eligible to apply for funding of half up of the total project cost, per project (refer to management practice for caped amount)


55. The following parties are ineligible to join the CCTV Partnership Program

a. State or Federal government agencies
b. Properties outside the Town of Victoria Park

Security Incentive Scheme


56. To support residents in taking an active role to deter burglaries


57. Any local property owner, resident, business or community group in the Town  


58. The following parties are ineligible to for a Security Incentive Scheme rebate

a. State or Federal government agencies
b. Any party that has already received their maximum rebate under the Security Incentive Scheme for the financial year
c. Any party that does not comply with the operational Terms and Conditions of the program

Street Meet n Greet


59. To empower community members to deliver local street events throughout the Town.


60. Any resident, business or community group in the Town is eligible to apply. 


61. The following parties are ineligible for a Street Meet n Greet rebate

a. State or Federal government agencies
b. Properties outside the Town of Victoria Park
c. Any party with a current outstanding debt with the Town
d. Any event that does not target local street neighbours as the focus of the event
e. Any party that does not comply with the operational Terms and Conditions of the program 

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