Policy 211 Parklets and alfresclets

Policy number Policy 211
Policy title Parklets and alfresclets
Strategic outcomes supported

EC1 – A desirable place for commerce and tourism that supports equity, diverse local employment and entrepreneurship.

EC2 - A clean, safe and accessible place to visit.  

Policy objective:

The objective of this Policy is to:

1. Provide an application and approval pathway for Parklets and Alfresclets;

2. Provide clear guidelines and requirements for Parklets and Alfresclets to be assessed against; and

3. Provide a mechanism for agreements, maintenance and permit renewals

Policy scope:

This policy applies across the Town. 


Hosted Parklet meaning that a community group, not-for-profit organisation or business owner applies to the Town to host a Town funded Parklet. The applicant is responsible for the maintenance of the Parklet, which must be open to all members of the public to use.

Alfresclet meaning that a community group, not-for-profit organisation or business owner can apply to the Town to host a Parklet, which is fully funded by the applicant, open to all members of the public to use, permitted to have table service and is capable of being licensed to serve alcohol (subject to approval by the Department, Racing, Gaming and Liquor and Department of Planning Lands and Heritage). 

Policy statement: 

1. Parklets and Alfresclets are temporary public open spaces, constructed in existing on-street car bays.

2. Parklets and Alfresclets which positively contribute to Victoria Park’s public and private realm will be supported by Administration.

3. A Parklet or Alfresclet is to:

a. contribute to community, cultural, civic and recreation activities within the Town;

b. enhance the pedestrian environment;

c. contribute to the vibrancy of places and spaces;

d. contribute to the attraction of visitors to the Town;

e. encourage people to linger longer and contribute to the economic vitality of our local community;

f. be a tool that local businesses can use to grow their business and;

g. revitalise underutilised spaces within the Town 

4. The Council is committed to creating great places that put people first. Parklets and Alfresclets are a tool that businesses and community groups can use to bring life to the street and are a means to enhance already active areas, such as Town Centres.

5. Parklets are located within on-street car parking bays. 

Related Documents:

Local Government Act 1995 (WA)

Policy manager Manager - Place Planning
Responsible officers


Approval authority Council
Next evaluation date  

Revision History

Version Approved, Amended, Rescinded Date Authority Resolution number Key changes/notes
1 Adopted 18/06/2019 Council - Item 15.3
2 Reviewed and Amended 20/08/2019 Council 148/2019 Item 10.1