Policy 402 Extended trading permit applications – Licenced premises

Policy number Policy 402
Policy title Extended trading permit applications – Licenced premises
Strategic outcomes supported

EC1 – A desirable place for commerce and tourism that supports equity, diverse local employment and entrepreneurship.

EC2 – A clean, safe and accessible place to visit.

CL1 – Everyone receives appropriate information in the most efficient and effective way for them.

Policy objective:

To provide for the Town’s response to extended trading permit applications.

Policy scope:

This policy applies in relation to applications for an extended trading permit.



Policy statement: 

1. Responses to the Director of Liquor Licensing for Extended Trading Permit applications shall be in accordance with the following policy.

New applications

2. Applications will be assessed taking into consideration any previous application(s), any noise problemsor complaints and any previous objections.

3. The Town will consult with the owners and occupiers of residential premises and businesses within a radius of 60 metres from the boundaries of the subject site where an application seeks to extend trading past the permitted time in the Liquor Licensing Act 1988. For applications not extending beyond the permitted time, any consultation with the owners and occupiers of residential premises, including the extent thereof, will be at the discretion of the Town.

4. A copy of all written submissions received in response to a consultation as per 3. above shall be included as part of the Town’s submission to the Director of Liquor Licensing.

5. Where an application is received for an occasional (one-off) Extended Trading Permit, approval can be granted subject to conditions.


6. Each renewal will be assessed on its merit. Any objections received on any previous approval will be taken into consideration in the preparation of the Town’s submission to the Director of Liquor Licensing.

7. Should an application have a prior history of complaints from residents, a community consultation process as per 3. above may be conducted.

8. Regardless of whether it is a new application or a renewal, any application that requires consultation with the community will be reported to Council.

Related Documents:

Liquor Control Act 1988

Policy manager Manager - Development Services
Responsible officers

Principal Environmental Health Officer

Environmental Health Officer

Approval authority Council
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1 Adopted 01/07/1994 Council - -
2 Amended 15/08/2006 Council - Item 4.1
2 Reviewed 09/07/2013 Council - Item 10.1
2 Reviewed 11/08/2015 Council - Item 10.1
2 Reviewed and Amended 20/08/2019 Council 148/2019 Item 10.1
3 Reviewed and Amended 21/04/2020 Council 384/2020 Item 15.7