The Council of the Town of Victoria Park has eight Councillors. Four elected for each ward Banksia and Jarrah. This remains unchanged from previous elections following a review of the wards and representation in 2018.

The terms of Councillors are for four years, however these terms are staggered so that half of the Councillors are elected every two years. An extraordinary election will be held in the Banksia Ward to elect one (1) Councillor for a term concluding on 16 October 2021.


What does a Councillor do?

The Local Government Act sets out the following as the role of a Councillor:

A Councillor — 

  1. represents the interests of electors, ratepayers and residents of the district; and 
  2. provides leadership and guidance to the community in the district; and 
  3. facilitates communication between the community and the Council; and 
  4. participates in the local government’s decision-making processes at Council and committee meetings; and 
  5. performs such other functions as are given to a Councillor by this Act or any other written law.

Councillors attend and vote at Council meetings, provide input in Council forums and attend community events.

What does a Councillor get paid?

The current remuneration of a Councillor is:

Annual fee: $23,000

ICT Allowance: $3,500

Total: $26,500

The Councillor who is elected by the Councillors to be the Deputy Mayor receives an additional annual allowance of $15,682 for a total remuneration of $42,251.

Who are the candidates for 2020 Banksia Ward extraordinary election?

Nominations once recieved will be uploaded here.


Where are the ward boundaries?

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