The Council of the Town of Victoria Park has eight Councillors. Four elected for each ward Banksia and Jarrah. This remains unchanged from previous elections following a review of the wards and representation in 2018.

The terms of Councillors are for four years, however these terms are staggered so that half of the Councillors are elected every two years. This year four councillor positions are up for election, two in each ward. 

What does a Councillor do?

The Local Government Act sets out the following as the role of a Councillor:

A Councillor — 

  1. represents the interests of electors, ratepayers and residents of the district; and 
  2. provides leadership and guidance to the community in the district; and 
  3. facilitates communication between the community and the Council; and 
  4. participates in the local government’s decision-making processes at Council and committee meetings; and 
  5. performs such other functions as are given to a Councillor by this Act or any other written law.

Councillors attend and vote at Council meetings, provide input in Council forums and attend community events.

What does a Councillor get paid?

The current remuneration of a Councillor is:

Annual fee: $23,000

ICT Allowance: $3,500

Total: $26,500

The Councillor who is elected by the Councillors to be the Deputy Mayor receives an additional annual allowance of $15,682 for a total remuneration of $42,251.

Who are the candidates for Banksia Ward?

Nominations received as at 4pm on Thursday 12 September 2019.



Vision, Discipline, Passion.

It’s been a privilege representing our community as Councillor for 12 years, 2 years as Deputy Mayor.

I am committed to enhancing the quality of life for all: youth, families, seniors and people with disabilities. My achievements include, significant input into Lathlain Precinct redevelopment, including a universal access playground; upgrades to Higgins Park Tennis Club, John MacMillan Park, Aqualife; supported 0% rate increase for 2019-2020 financial year. Advocacy priorities including Edward Millen House, Urban Forrest Strategy and Oats Street train station.

I will work for a high standard of governance, prudent financial management and public consultation; environmental sustainability, waste management, rejuvenation of parks, playgrounds, effective traffic management including cycling, pedestrian pathways and reduce red tape.

I represent Council on the State Planning Assessment Panel and offer experience in change management, strategic planning, training and community services. I'll listen, be your advocate and get the job done.

Mobile: 0416 199 745




I will work to ensure our Town thrives in a sound financial, social and environmentally responsible way. My priority is for Council to operate successfully and deliver long-term benefits for our community. I have a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Curtin University. I’m a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I’ve worked for the Water Corporation for 18 years in engineering, finance,

asset and project management, and as a manager for the last 10 years. I have skills, expertise and leadership experience in good governance and transparent communication. In 2018 I was appointed to the Council’s Finance and Audit Committee as an independent external member and advisor. My wife and I have been privileged to be foster carers for the last 4 years. I am trustworthy, hardworking and passionate about our community. I wish the Town to be a leader in local government.

Mobile: 0437 781 367




We (you, me, your barista, baker, crosswalk attendant and many more) live in an amazing community! I want to ensure our neighbourhood thrives, has vision, purpose and includes opportunities for all.

However, we need a voice of accountability, sensibility and fairness that ensures residents and business share in the opportunities created. That's where I see myself serving you and our community as a Councillor.

An EVP resident for 21 years (Banksia Ward) with my wife and 2 children and local business owner for 7, I'm committed to ensuring the TOVP is accountable to ALL ratepayers, is transparent (particularly regarding budgets), yet progressive in its policy making.

We need vision, creativity, vibrancy. But we need to be mindful.

Mindful of ratepayers wallets. Mindful of planning decisions that impact our community.

Mindful of the quiet voices and the legacy we leave our children.

Together, let's strengthen the fabric of our amazing community.

Work: 9470 5556

Mobile: 0412 564 469




I’m a fair-minded, honest, hardworking community minded person. I’m a long time active member of Rotary and do volunteer work for the Vinnies. Being a recipient of the Town of Victoria Park Australia Day award is testament of my service to our community. I have lived in the Town my entire life and have operated a successful photography business and now have a naturopath practice in the Town so I have a good understanding of both the needs of residents and businesses. As your councillor, I will support responsible

governance, proper community consultation, financial transparency, social inclusion, community groups, local businesses and open green spaces. I will always be available to listen to any concerns you have on Council matters. I will strive to ensure our Town is a safe and healthy place to live, work and play and that it grows sustainably for ourselves and future generations to enjoy.

Home: 9361 9409

Mobile: 0403 121 543

Postal Address: 105 Planet St CARLISLE 6101





Compassionate, strong and dedicated; I will listen to you and fiercely advocate for you, the residents and ratepayers of the Banksia Ward. I am a long time resident of over 45 years and active in our local community. I’m proud to have advocated for a new community centre to house the toy library, playgroup and child health clinic. I have motioned through the Annual/Special Meeting of Electors for live-streaming council meetings and an Urban Forest Strategy. More needs to be done in the areas of safety and security throughout Banksia as well as traffic management and the creation of more green recreational spaces. With a background in libraries, I am passionate about an improved public library and social hub to create a new cultural and economic centre: a true heart for the Town of Victoria Park.

Mobile: 0406 825 806


Social Network Address:

Who are the candidates for Jarrah Ward?

Nominations received as at 4pm on Thursday 12 September 2019

KARIMI, Jesvin


With my husband and three children, I’ve called East Victoria Park home for 20 years. I love the location, lifestyle and diversity.

I’m active on school boards, helping to create better opportunities for our children, with this year being my 7th as Chair of the East Victoria Park Primary School Board.

More than 20 years experience in banking and credit risk management enables me to analyse financial budgets, plan strategically and resolve conflict. Experience I can draw upon to give back to our community.

As an avid supporter of local business, I always shop local and promote local.

On Council, I will contribute to the ongoing development and well-being of our community. With a focus on inclusion in decision making, I’ll fight to make this a safe and inclusive place for all.

I aim to think beyond myself and lend my voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Mobile: 0412 047 447




I am an Irish born Australian citizen living and working in Victoria Park. I moved to Australia 13 years ago and I have lived in Victoria Park for the last 4 years with my wife and now young son. I am currently working as a commercial manager for a large Australian engineering group based right here in Victoria Park.

Working in the area for the last 8 years I have enjoyed watching the town develop its own identity that has seen it become one of the most culturally diverse, engaging and community focused boroughs in this state. I feel that now is the right time for me to step up and give something back to my community. I want to be able to play my part in continuing the success of this great town and help it achieve its vision for the future.


MILLER, Gary William


I'm a young 55 year old father of three kids.

18 years ago,my family and dogs wanted to make Victoria Park our home.

My work history is 39 years in the building industry. I'm self employed and currently operate my property maintenance business. 90% of my work is in the town area, working with local real estate agents and the community.

Some of my jobs are the results of break ins and vandalism. My number 1 concern is community security and safety.

Also the development of parks, example, Edward Millen reserve to be used and enjoyed by all ages from the very young to the elderly.

I don't pretend to be perfect, but I'll do what's right for this community.

I feel my logic and knowledge from my working career would enhance the diversity of our broad minded Council and future enhance our vibrant town.

Mobile: 0434 401 667

Postal Address: 21 Baillie Avenue EAST VICTORIA PARK 6101


IOANNIDI, Alexander




Possessing a law degree and 25 years of experience in providing paralegal services, I have been living in East Victoria Park for 10 years, raising two teenage daughters, trying hard to find a balance between work and spending as much time as possible with children.

With extensive work experience in business structures, and sufficient knowledge of State and municipal laws, I have a certain development concept for Victoria Park (Jarrah Ward), based on a thorough collection of information, recommendations, suggestions and consultations with community members, small business owners, and local ratepayers.

As priority areas, I focus on the development of business infrastructure, the diversification of small businesses, the improvement of street lighting, parks, recreation areas, as well as ensuring maximum efficiency of public transport.

I strongly believe that our community deserves only the best and I am ready to bring my ideas for the development of Victoria Park to life.

Home: 6161 5485

Mobile: 0435 316 310

Postal Address: 52a Kent Street East Victoria Park 6101


Social Network Address:

POTTER, Vicki 


 I have been privileged to serve our community on council for the past 8 years (2 as Deputy Mayor).

I have lived in the Town for over 21 years with my husband David and our 4 sons who attend local schools.

During my time on council, I have listened to you and have taken each issue on its merits. I have considered my vote carefully and have always sought to promote the interests of this community.

I have strongly advocated for the Urban Forest Strategy, improving our public open spaces, increased public lighting and collaboration with community on events.

I listen to the voices of local business owners and community members and support increased density that is sustainable and sympathetic to Vic Park’s character.

I am passionate about Victoria Park and will continue to work for an inclusive, connected and vibrant community.

Mobile: 0433 704 140


Social Network Address:

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