Mayor of the Town


Mayor Trevor Vaughan, who has held this position for the last 12 years, has recently announced his retirement – this means that your vote will help determine the Town’s new Mayor.

In the 25 years since the Towns establishment the Town has only had two mayors, J. A. Mick Lee and Trevor Vaughan. A mayoral election is held every four years and each Mayor is elected for a four year term. 

What does the Mayor do?

The role of the Mayor as set out in the Local Government Act is to:

The Mayor or President — 

  1. presides at meetings in accordance with this Act; and 
  2. provides leadership and guidance to the community in the district; and 
  3. carries out civic and ceremonial duties on behalf of the local government; and 
  4. speaks on behalf of the local government; and 
  5. performs such other functions as are given to the mayor or president by this Act or any other written law; and 
  6. liaises with the CEO on the local government’s affairs and the performance of its functions.

The Mayor also has the following role, which the same as Councillors as outlined Local Government Act:

  1. Represents the interests of electors, ratepayers and residents of the district.
  2. Provides leadership and guidance to the community in the district.
  3. Facilitates communication between the community and the Council.
  4. Participates in the local government's decision-making processes at Council and Committee meetings.
  5. Performs such other functions as are given to a Councillor by the Act or any other written law.

The role of the Mayor can be categorised as:

  • Governance;
  • Presiding Member of Council;
  • External relations;
  • Media liaison and public relations;
  • Supporting the community; and
  • Civic and ceremonial.

The ‘Governance’ and ‘Presiding Member of Council’ functions of the Mayor are critical to good governance as they cover leadership of the Town and the community, and ensure that the decision-making processes are fair, equitable and inclusive. The Mayor has a pivotal role in both the pursuit and demonstration of good governance.

A very specific role that the Mayor has is in representing and advocating the decisions of the Council. Section 2.8(1)(d) of the Act provides that the Mayor speaks on behalf of the Town. The position of Mayor is pre-eminent and when the Mayor speaks they are considered by the community to be articulating the Council’s views.

The Mayor’s role of presiding at meetings of the Council is a very responsible one in achieving a balance of opinion and outcomes that demonstrates leadership by Council in the community. The most important aspect of the role is a good understanding of meeting procedures and a detailed knowledge of the requirements relating to the conduct of meetings.

As a community leader the Mayor represents the Town at civic and ceremonial functions including the role as “host” at the Town’s activities.

What is the Mayor paid?

The current remuneration of the Mayor is:

Annual fee: $30,841

Annual allowance: $62,727

ICT Allowance: $3,500

Total remuneration: $97,068

Who are the candidates for Mayor?

Nominations received as at 4pm on Thursday 12 September 2019



A local homeowner since 1997, I was honoured to be elected to Council in 2017.

I have the compassion, integrity, professional skills and leadership experience to represent you as Mayor.

I have been a lawyer for 25 years, and business owner for 18 years. I’m on the Board of the National Stroke Foundation, and a past Chairperson of the Homeless and Mental Health Advisory Committee of St Vincent de Paul Society.

I have demonstrated strong leadership on Council by helping deliver a 0% rate increase this year, challenging paid parking, banning single use plastics within Council, and introducing financial accountability measures.

If elected as Mayor, I will be inclusive, independent, foster progressive professional leadership, champion transparency and accountability, work with Council to deliver financial and environmental sustainability, advocate for the services and modern infrastructure our community deserves, and partner with our community to realise their aspirations for our Town’s future.

Mobile: 0407 448 336





I have been living in and around the Victoria Park area most of my life. I grew up in Cannington and was educated at St Nobert College, Queens Park.

I played league football at Perth Football Club, who I have also sponsored for over 25 years. I have been involved in sports most of my life.

I have been self employed since I was 19 years old, I am now a Registered Builder with my own company.

I have had a Charity in my own name to help support people recovering with burns.

I am dedicated to helping people where I can, especially the elderly and children.

I believe respecting all people of all nationalities and religions as equals no matter what.

I would like to think I am in the middle politically and hopefully that will hold me in good stead.

Home: 9361 6088




After serving our community on council for 8 years (2 as Deputy Mayor) I believe that I have the skills and experience needed to lead as Mayor.

I am committed to being a Full Time Mayor, to be accessible, and to listen to you. I am proud of Victoria Park’s vibrant and progressive community and the Council’s role in supporting many great changes. But there is more to do!

I have a vision for Victoria Park. It includes planting more trees in the ground now, exploring innovative approaches to reducing carbon including greenways, investing in public open spaces, improved walkability and ensuring that increases in density are sympathetic to the character of Victoria Park and are sustainable.

We need a new civic and cultural heart in the John Macmillan Precinct that builds on the significant community assets that already exist, and support initiatives that create community and social connection.

Mobile: 0433 704 140


Social network address: