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Councillors are elected for a term of four years in Western Australia. Elections are held every two years for half of the council (four elected members), and candidates are elected using the first-past-the-post voting system. Mayoral elections are held every four years. An extraordinary election will be conducted in the Banksia Ward as a result of the election of Karen Vernon as Mayor of the Town of Victoria Park.

The person elected as a Councillor during this extraordinary election will hold office until the next Ordinary Local Government Elections on 16 October 2021.

Electors who wish to nominate as a candidate must complete a valid nomination application and present it to the Returning Officer before nominations close. Nominations will open on Wednesday 15 Jaunary 2020 and close at 4pm on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

The election will be conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commissioner appoints the Returning Officer. Once a Returning Officer has been appointed there contact details will be provided on this page.

Please note that the Local Government Legislation Amendment Act 2019 now requires all candidates to undertake a course of training prior to nomination. This training may be completed on the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website.

Electoral gifts

Under Part 5A of the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 a candidate in a local government election must disclose gifts received relating to their candidacy to the Chief Executive Officer. The definition of a gift and what is excluded from the definition is included in the regulations. Should you have any queries regarding what constitutes a gift please do not hesitate to contact the Returning Officer or the Town.

For the  2020 Banksia Ward Extraordinary Election the period in which a gift is an electoral gift commences on 28 August 2019 and will conclude three days following the election on 2 February 2020. Any gift given whether accepted or declined in this period must be disclosed.

Gifts must be disclosed within three days of nominating as a candidate for an election and once a candidate within three days of receiving a gift.

 A gift cannot be accepted from an anonymous donor under any circumstances and you must have a donors name and address.

For election gifts both the donor and the candidate must disclose the gift. Failure to disclose a gift by either party may result in a penalty.

If you intend to be a candidate in the forthcoming election it is recommended that you keep a record of your potential electoral gifts from 19 April 2019 to assist you in declaring your gifts following nominations.

The form for declaring electoral gifts can be found on this webpage or sourced from the Town.

For any queries or to submit disclosure forms or other election issues please email with your email for the attention of Governance.

Frequently asked questions

What time commitment is required of elected members?

Currently meetings of Council, agenda briefing forums and concept forums occur on Tuesday nights.

Additional meetings may be scheduled on Mondays which currently include meetings of the Audit Committee and additional concept forums or workshops.

Elected members often also attend community events, citizenship ceremonies and meetings with external stakeholders.

The Mayor of the Town also has additional meetings in carrying out their role as leader of the Town.

Elected members may also be appointed to external bodies which include but are not limited to:

  • Tamala Park Regional Council
  • Mindarie Regional Council
  • Joint Development Assessment Panel
  • WALGA South East Zone
  • Harold Hawthorne Senior Citizens Centre Board of Management
  • South East Metropolitan Regional Road Sub-Group

These bodies have various meetings at various times.

What are elected members paid?

The current remuneration of a Councillor is:

Annual fee


ICT allowance





The current remuneration of the Deputy Mayor is:

Annual fee


ICT allowance


Deputy Mayor's allowance





The current remuneration of the Mayor is:

Annual fee


ICT allowance


Mayor's allowance





What induction will I receive if elected?

The Town will provide a comprehensive induction and training for elected members upon election. Dates and details will be supplied to candidates upon nomination.