Vision, mission and values

Vision - The Town of Victoria Park: A dynamic place for everyone.

  • We are Perth's most empowered and engaged community.
  • We are Perth's premier place for entertainment and entrepreneurship.
  • We lead in sustainability.
  • We put people first in urban design and safety.
  • We are inclusive and connected with a thriving community.

Mission - We will communicate with, empower and support the community and promote social, economic and environmental sustainability to create our vision.

  • Social – To promote sustainable, connected, safe and diverse places for everyone. 
  • Economic – To promote sustainable, diverse, resilient and prosperous places for everyone. 
  • Environment – To promote sustainable, liveable, healthy and green places for everyone. 
  • Civic leadership – To show leadership by communicating with, empowering and supporting people in the community.


  • We will be PROACTIVE - We will look to cause positive things to happen rather than waiting to respond. 
  • We will have INTEGRITY - We will be honest, accountable and transparent in how we do things. 
  • We will be CARING - We will display kindness and concern. 
  • We will be INNOVATIVE - We will be courageous in introducing new ideas to meet community need and improve our services and projects.