Access and Inclusion Community Reference Group

Since 1995 it has been a requirement under the Disability Services Act (1994) that all public authorities prepare and implement a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP). The Act requires that public authorities lodge a DAIP to the Disability Services Commission. Local Government is required to report on its DAIP in the Annual Report.

The Town’s DAIP 2017–2022 was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and community to help inform and strengthen the local community, and to ensure that people of all abilities have equal access to all Town services, information, events, buildings, facilities and employment opportunities.

One of the strategies adopted is for the Town to develop a network of disability service providers and people with disability to consult with regularly.

Formed through a nomination process the Access and Inclusion Community Reference Group comprises people impacted by issues around access and inclusion.

The group, empowered to contribute recommendations for the Town to improve as an accessible and inclusive community, commenced with its first meeting in August 2018 and will continue to meet on a quarterly basis.