Arts and Culture Plan


The Town is home to locally renowned events, programming, and street art, alongside the nationally significant John Curtin Gallery, Vic Park Centre for the Arts and a range of highly active community cultural groups. For the community, arts and culture has become an important positive aspect of community life, part of the creation of local identity, and playing a key role in welcoming new residents, encouraging visitation, and creating a vibrant place to live and work.

The development and implementation of an Arts and Culture Plan ensures the Town remains a place where arts, culture and heritage is valued and accessible to all; empowering the community with a sense of pride, safety and belonging.  By developing this Plan through a process of extensive community engagement, the Town is embracing the unique opportunity to shape a thriving, creative place for residents, businesses and visitors with the community's needs and preferences in mind. The Plan provides an action-based guide to achieving the Town's arts and culture vision.