Public Art Strategy 2018–2023


The Town of Victoria Park aims to continue to promote the character and identity of the Victoria Park region through creating local or regional landmarks. This is achieved by physically enhancing public places, through creating points of interest, animating spaces and providing beauty, character or colour to places/environments.

The Town recognises the important role played by public arts in expressing the cultural identity of the Town, as well as the broader benefits of associating a place with art, rather than art about a specific place.

As defined in the Town's Public Art Management Plan, 'public art means the integration of an artistic concept into the public realm'.

The Public Art Strategy 2018–2023 in the Town aims to:

  • create a 'place where people want to be'
  • create a sense of cultural identity
  • cultivate a 'sense of place'
  • be fun and thought provoking
  • activate spaces and places
  • attract tourists/be a drawcard
  • be accessible to all
  • enhance the built and natural environment.