Public art policy and Public art management plan


RECN7 Public art policy

To guide the Town’s aspirations to be a leader of contemporary public arts and to further develop the cultural identity of the Town of Victoria Park.

Policy statement:
The Town recognises the important role played by public arts in expressing the cultural identity of the Town of Victoria Park, as well as the broader benefits of associating a place with art, rather than art about a specific place.

To achieve this cultural aspiration, the Town’s approach to public arts management is driven by a focus on contemporary, quality and professionally significant artwork that elevate the status of the Town as an investor in a culturally-enriched environment that activates public spaces to increase people traffic.

For the Town, promoting and encouraging a significant public arts education program is key in providing a community engagement with the public art collection. This program will provide a clear reflection of Victoria Park, the place and its people whilst also creating opportunities to build relationships and educate the community on the investment in the culture and health of the community.

The aims of the Town of Victoria Park’s Public Art Policy are:

  • To complement the Town’s strategic objectives;
  • To enhance the built and natural environment and to reflect a Vibrant Lifestyle;
  • To enhance public engagement, enjoyment and understanding of the continuous integration of public art throughout the Town.
  • To assist the Town of Victoria Park in becoming recognised as a vibrant and dynamic community within Perth, Australia and the World.
  • To ensure that all public art displayed in the public realm is maintained to the highest standard for the community.
  • To increase profile of the Town through activating public spaces and contributing to the stimulation of the local economy.


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Ordinary Council Meeting 9 May 2017