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It's time to get that idea funded!

Each year the Town of Victoria Park is proud to present a series of grants to help and support its community. A grant is non repayable money or in kind support that is given from the Town to another organisation or person. There are three kinds of grants available, with the 2019/2020 grants season offering a total of $60,000 in funding opportunity.

Saint Mary's Outreach Service share their grant story in the video below. 

Community grants

Community grants provide an opportunity for the groups and individuals to build the capacity and wellbeing of Town of Victoria Park community. The objectives of a community grant align with the Towns Strategic Community Plan. Specifically, a community grant should promote sustainable, connected, safe, and diverse places for everyone and achieve the following strategic outcomes:

  • S1 A healthy community
  • S2 An informed and knowledgeable community
  • S3 An empowered community with sense of pride, safety and belonging
  • S4 A place where all people have an awareness and appreciation of arts, culture, education and heritage
  • En4 A clean place where everyone knows the value of waste, water and energy
  • En5 Appropriate, inviting and sustainable green spaces for everyone that are well maintained and well managed

There are three levels of funding available:

  • Level 1 grant: up to $500  (unincorporated and incorporated groups)
  • Level 2 grant: $501 to $4,999 (incorporated groups only)
  • Level 3 grant: $5,000 to $10,000 (incorporated groups only)


 To help you with your application see Grants Toolkit attached below.  This is your guide to a successful grant application. 

Applications open: 9am Friday 12 July 2019 | Applications close: 5pm Friday 16 August 2019

 Community Grant FAQs




Place grants

Founded by the community for their community, Town Teams or Place Based Groups can help improve their place through innovative projects and programs that address their local priorities and challenges. A 'Town Team' is a group of residents, businesses and landowners working collaboratively to improve their local neighbourhood.  The Place Grants are designed to assist Town Teams improve Victoria Park’s places or contribute to Town Teams becoming more sustainable non-for-profit entities. More specifically, the objectives of the Towns Place Grants are:

  • To foster the distinctiveness of each place
  • To support the social fabric or personality of a place
  • To help plan and deliver the physical attributes of a place that help to define its distinctiveness
  • To support the Town Team or Place Based Group to become more self-sufficient. This might include website development, marketing and membership recruitment campaigns, etc. 


There are three levels of funding available:

  • Level 1 grant: up to $500 (unincorporated and incorporated groups)
  • Level 2 grant: $501 to $4, 999 (incorporated groups only)
  • Level 3 grant: $5,000 to $10,000 (incorporated groups only)


Applications open: 9am Friday 12 July 2019 | Applications close: 5pm Monday 18th May 2020 

NOTE - Place Grants are not processed under funding rounds and applications will continue to be accepted until the funding has been exhausted. As a general rule applications should be received no less than six weeks prior to the commencement of the proposed initiative. Only in exceptional circumstances will applications be accepted for initiatives which seek to commence within six weeks of the commencement of an initiative.  This will be at the discretion of the Manager Place Planning. 


The Town's donation program enables schools and individuals to make a positive contribution to sporting and recreation, academic and educational achievement.

Applications for funding can be made all year round and are assessed in accordance with Council policy for financial assistance.

The individual donation sporting category supports local residents aged 12 to 25 years within the Town that have been successful in representing their field of excellence on behalf of Western Australia or Australia in a sporting activity.

Assistance is given for travel, fees and costs. A clear selection process entitling the applicant to represent the State or National body must be demonstrated. A letter of selection from their State Sporting Association or National body must accompany the application.

Donations for sporting activities are limited to:

  • a maximum of $200 per individual travelling interstate per annum
  • a maximum of $300 per individual travelling internationally per annum.


Youth leadership and development 

Individuals between the ages of 12-25 years nominated to undertake a youth leadership or development course delivered by a recognised organisation for self and professional development. 

Donations for youth leadership and development

  • $300 per individual or $500 per group at no more than 50% of total event cost and up to $300 or $500 respectively.


To apply, complete and sign the required application form for individual, community groups, or schools and forward to the Town of Victoria Park:

  • mail: Town of Victoria Park, Community Development, Locked Bag 437, Victoria Park WA 6979
  • in person: Town of Victoria Park, Administration Centre, 99 Shepperton Rd, Victoria Park (business hours 8am5pm, Monday to Friday)


Donation FAQS

Other funding sources

Applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources. A list of agencies providing other funding opportunities is available from the Department of Local Government and Communities Grants Directory.

Forms and Checklists


Grant-Application-Tips.pdf(PDF, 89KB)