Grants and donations



Community grants 

The Town provides grants for projects that build the well being and capacity of the Town of Victoria Park community. The level of funding may be as small as a few dollars, ranging up to $10,000.

The value of in-kind requests, such as the waiving of the Town's fees for venue hire, ranger services, waste management, marketing and promotion, is calculated in the total grant amount.

The level of grant funding awarded may differ from the amount requested and will depend upon the extent to which the funded project contributes toward the desired outcomes.

Category 1: General community grant – there are three levels of funding available under this category:

  • Level 1 grant: up to $500
  • Level 2 grant: $501 to $5,000
  • Level 3 grant: $5,001 to $10,000

Community grants program 2019/2020: round one will be open on 12 July 2019 and close on 16 August 2019. 

For more information please read the FAQs below or contact the Community Development team on 9311 8111 or

CD-Community-Grant-Application-Form_pdf(PDF, 164KB)

Community grants FAQs

Grant-Application-Tips.pdf(PDF, 89KB)


Place grants

Place grants for Town Teams and place-based groups

Founded by the community, for their community, Town Teams can help make their pocket of the Town of Victoria Park a vibrant and interesting place to live and work, through innovative projects and programs that address their local priorities and challenges. 

What works in one place, may not work in others, and the Town seeks to support Town Teams with initiatives that improve their ‘place’ in the Town.

A Town Team is a group of residents, businesses and landowners working collaboratively to improve their local neighbourhood. Grants are available up to $10,000. The Town of Victoria Park place grant is designed to assist Town Teams to improve the district’s places and contribute to them becoming more sustainable not-for-profit entities.

Place-Grants-Application-Form.pdf(PDF, 414KB)



The Town's donation program enables not-for-profit community groups, schools and individuals to make a positive contribution to sporting and recreation, community welfare, academic and educational achievement.

Applications for funding can be made all year round and are assessed in accordance with Council policy for financial assistance.

The individual donation sporting category supports local residents within the Town that have been successful in representing their field of excellence on behalf of Western Australia or Australia in a sporting activity.

Assistance is given for travel, fees and costs. A clear selection process entitling the applicant to represent the State or National body must be demonstrated. A letter of selection from their State Sporting Association or National body must accompany the application.

Donations for sporting activities are limited to:

  • a maximum of $200 per individual travelling interstate per annum
  • a maximum of $300 per individual travelling internationally per annum.

To apply, complete and sign the required application form for individual, community groups, or schools and forward to the Town of Victoria Park:

  • mail: Town of Victoria Park, Community Development, Locked Bag 437, Victoria Park WA 6979
  • in person: Town of Victoria Park, Administration Centre, 99 Shepperton Rd, Victoria Park (business hours 8am5pm, Monday to Friday)

Other funding sources

Applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources. A list of agencies providing other funding opportunities is available from the Department of Local Government and Communities Grants Directory.

Community-Groups_Donation-Application_2018.pdf(PDF, 311KB)

Community-Donation-Acquittal-Form.pdf(PDF, 187KB)

Individual_Donation_Guidelines_2018.pdf(PDF, 246KB)

Individuals_Donation-Application_2018.pdf(PDF, 305KB)

Individual-Donation-Acquittal-Form.pdf(PDF, 178KB)

School_Donation_Application.pdf(PDF, 300KB)

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