Community grants FAQs

Who is eligible for a community grant?

Organisations and individuals eligible to apply include:

  • not-for-profit organisations and associations
  • community groups and clubs
  • service groups and residents associations
  • Parents and Citizen (P&C) and Parents and Friends (P&F) associations
  • schools (only for projects falling outside the Department of Education responsibilities)
  • business groups
  • individuals

What are suitable projects for grant funding?

  • community events and activities
  • community capacity building programs
  • community education, information and awareness raising
  • lifelong learning and training
  • arts experience and artists' development
  • arts and cultural events that enliven the Town for the local community and visitors
  • health and fitness promotion
  • development of clubs and associations
  • place based activities and place activation
  • neighbourhood activation and development; street meet and greet events
  • community safety and crime prevention programs
  • community events supporting environment days/weeks, nature plants garden, environment education programs.

What grants are available?

There are three levels of grant funding:

Level 1 grant: up to $500

Level 2 grant: $501 to $5,000

Level 3 grant: $5,001 to $10,000