Place grants

Founded by the community for their community, Town Teams or Place Based Groups can help improve their place through innovative projects and programs that address their local priorities and challenges. A 'Town Team' is a group of residents, businesses and landowners working collaboratively to improve their local neighbourhood. Place grants are designed to assist Town Teams improve Victoria Park’s places or contribute to Town Teams becoming more sustainable non-for-profit entities. More specifically, the objectives of the Towns Place Grants are:

  • To foster the distinctiveness of each place
  • To support the social fabric or personality of a place
  • To help plan and deliver the physical attributes of a place that help to define its distinctiveness
  • To support the Town Team or place-based group to become more self-sufficient. This might include website development, marketing and membership recruitment campaigns, etc. 

There are three levels of funding available:

  • Level 1 grant: up to $500 (unincorporated and incorporated groups)
  • Level 2 grant: $501 to $4, 999 (incorporated groups only)
  • Level 3 grant: $5,000 to $10,000 (incorporated groups only)

Place grants applications close: 5pm Monday 18 May 2020 

Please note: place grants are not processed under funding rounds and applications will continue to be accepted until the funding has been exhausted. As a general rule applications should be received no less than six weeks prior to the commencement of the proposed initiative. Only in exceptional circumstances will applications be accepted for initiatives which seek to commence within six weeks of the commencement of an initiative. This will be at the discretion of the Manager Place Planning.