Urban Forest Grants


The rate of urban deforestation across Perth has been rapid and the loss of urban tree canopy is having both a direct and indirect impact upon the quality of health and amenity enjoyed by residents.

Community concerns about this trend resulted in the development of the Town’s first Urban Forest Strategy (UFS). The UFS identified the need to expand and better manage trees within the Town - both on public and private land - with a target of increasing the Town’s tree canopy cover from 10% to 20%.

An Urban Forest Grant program is now open to local residents, community members and organisations for community led, tree planting projects that will contribute to our urban forest goal of 20% tree canopy cover.

 Specifically, an Urban Forest Grant should help achieve the following strategic outcomes:

  • EC2 – A clean, safe and accessible place to visit.
  • EN4 – A clean place where everyone knows the value of waste, water and energy.
  • EN6 - Appropriate, inviting and sustainable green spaces for everyone that are well maintained and well managed.
  • EN7 - Increased vegetation and tree canopy.
  • S1 - A healthy community.
  • S3 - An empowered community with a sense of pride, safety and belonging.

Urban forest grants funding

There are three levels of funding available:

  • Level 1 grant: up to $500 (unincorporated and incorporated groups)

  • Level 2 grant: $501 to $4, 999 (incorporated groups only)

  • Level 3 grant: $5,000 to $10,000 (incorporated groups only)

Successful projects will need to be implemented during the planting season, between May-October 2020. 

Before applying, please be aware some of the requirements of the grant include:

  • ABN: If registered for GST.
  • Certificate of Incorporation. Incorporation required over $501.
  • Copy of Public Liability Insurance to the value of $10 million (cover must extend past the delivery time of proposed project).
  • Grant payment details should application be successful: Applicants account name, BSB, account number and date in which payment would be needed.

 Applicants will be eligible for a grant where the party is one of the following:

  • an incorporated nor-for-profit organisation
  • community group or clubs
  • artist
  • resident association
  • town team/place-based group
  • parents and citizen and parents and friends associations
  • schools (only for projects falling outside the Department of Education responsibilities)
  • social enterprise
  • an individual wishing to seek a grant through an auspice organisation.

If you do not meet the above stay tuned for other ways to be involved in contributing to our urban forest including suggesting Town-led projects and attending community planting days this planting season. 

To read through the community funding policy please follow the link below:

Community Funding Policy

Assessment criteria

Grant applications will be assessed with the following criteria:

Project costs
Successful projects will represent “good value for money” in both their implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Community support
Projects should have community support and can directly involve members of the community. Projects will have strong social outcomes and communicate the value of the urban forest.

Place impact
The scale to which the project positively influences the experience of a place will be considered when determining the grant.

UFS targets
The project’s contribution to the UFS overall objective for a 20% canopy coverage will be considered.

Environmental services
The ability for the project to provide environmental services will be considered, particularly for  improvements in water management, soil health, biodiversity and ecology.

Health outcomes
Mental health, physical activity, air and water quality are positively affected by the urban forest.  Projects will be considered for the positive contribution they make to health outcomes.

Application deadline

Online applications are now open and close at 5pm, Friday 10 April.

Need assistance?

Please call 9311 8111 or email us at admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au

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