Security Incentive Scheme


Applications: Open now! Contact the Town for more information and to begin your application process.

Total funding value: $30,000

Maximum application value: $200 ($250 for approved concession card holders)

The Town’s Security Incentive Scheme offers rebates to help residents, businesses and community groups improve the level of security on their property by installing security devices. Rebates up to the value of $200 (or $250 for approved concession card holders) are available for the following home security devices:

  • Home intruder alarms 
  • Door deadlocks
  • Keyed window locks
  • Security sensor lights
  • Security screen doors
  • Security window screens

To take advantage of the Security Incentive Scheme, applications need to include either a quote for the security item to be installed or a valid receipt within 12 months of the security item's installation. For any application to be considered for a rebate the quote or receipt must be from a registered business with a Security Agent Licence.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Devices must be installed within the Town of Victoria Park and remain within the Town

  2.  Applications will not be approved for improvements, repairs or additions to existing devices

  3. If the applicant is not the property owner, there must be written permission from the property owner or agent authorised to act on their behalf before the security device(s) are purchased and installed

  4. One application per property will be considered each Financial Year

  5. Applicants must not have outstanding debts or acquittals with the Town of Victoria Park

  6. The Town provides no guarantee that a Security Incentive Scheme rebate can be provided to all applicants if the allocated budget is fully expended prior to the end of the Financial Year

  7. Applicants must obtain at least one (1) quote from approved security companies

  8. The invoice must be paid in full within twelve (12) months of the installation

  9. Property investors are restricted to claiming a maximum rebate of $200 per Financial Year, or $250 if they are a concession card holder

  10. The Town will rebate part of the cost of the security devices, up to $200 ($250 with a valid concession card). Allocating funding to a project remains at the Town’s discretion

  11. The devices must be fully paid, and all forms be completed in full before the rebate is issued

  12. Eligibility of outbuildings such as sheds or granny flats will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

  13. The Town reserves the right to cancel rebate arrangements at any time if the above conditions have not been satisfactorily met. The Town is not liable for any cost incurred by the applicant

Application instructions

Step 1 - Read the T&Cs

Read the full Terms & Conditions below and check that you are eligible to apply.

Step 2 - Contact the Town

Contact the Town to register your interest for the Security Incentive Scheme. A Town Officer will check your eligibility and discuss your security plans. Installation should not take place prior to approval by the Town.

Step 3 - Apply

Once the Town confirms your eligibility, you must seek at least one (1) quote for the security device(s) you wish to install. The business bust be registered and have a Security Agent License. 

 Please send copies of the quote(s), stating your selected contractor, to the Town along with your completed application form.

If you are not the property owner, please also provide signed permission from the property owner or agent authorised to act on their behalf. The Town Officer will advise successful applicants of their outcome.

Step 4 - Install and pay

Once your application has been approved by the Town, you may proceed with the installation of your security device(s). This must be supplied to the Town within twelve (12) months of the receipt date. The applicant is responsible for engaging and procuring the goods and services from the registered business.

The applicant is also responsible for fully paying the total invoiced amount to the registered business. The Town is not liable, nor will it provide any payment to the registered business as engaged by the applicant.

Step 5 - Submit remaining documents

Please submit a copy of the invoice and a receipt showing proof of full payment of the invoice to the Town. If applicable, please also send proof of your valid pension or concession card. Please also submit the completed feedback form.

It is preferred that all remaining documents are submitted in a single email to If the file size is too large, please indicate that the documents are being sent across multiple emails.

Step 6 - Review by the Town

The Officer will review your application in full to ensure the Town has all necessary information and that all of the Terms & Conditions have been met. 

 The Officer will advise the outcome of the application in writing. In the event the Town requires more information, the Officer will contact the applicant.

Step 7 - Receive your rebate

Your rebate will be transferred electronically to the account nominated on the application form. Please inform the Town by email when you have received your rebate.


Please download the application form here:

Security Incentive Scheme Application Form(PDF, 213KB)

Security-Incentive-Scheme-Feedback-form.pdf(PDF, 200KB)