Street Meet 'n' Greet


Applications opening: 17 September 2020

Closing round: 14 June 2021 

Total funding value: $15,000

Maximum application value: $200 for neighbourhood get-together or $800 and a four hour road closure for a street celebration.

The Town of Victoria Park is pleased to support local residents and groups who want to build neighbourhood connections and develop a strong community. The Street Meet ‘n’ Greet mini-grants initiative aims to assist and empower neighbourhoods to do this through neighbourhood get-togethers or street celebrations.

 There are two options for your event:

1. Neighbourhood get-together: $200 available

  • Minimum six households attend the event.

2. Street celebration: $800 funding and a four hour road closure 

  • The Town will provide a four hour road closure.
  • $800 towards goods and services for the event.
  • All residents affected by the road closure must be notified.
  • Details of event to be negotiated with the Town.

The Town will work closely with the organisers to ensure the Street Meet ‘n’ Greet is a success.