Urban Forest grants



Applications opening: 28 October 2022

Closing round: 24 February 2023

Total funding value: $25,000

Maximum application value: $10,000

Urban forest grants are available for community led initiatives that contribute to the implementation of the Urban Forest Strategy (UFS) and progress the actions from the UFS Implementation Action Plan.

The Urban Forest Grants enable community members, groups and organisations to deliver their own project to contribute to the greening of the Town. This is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy that will influence the Town for generations to come. 

Individual grants are available up to a value of $10,000 with the total annual budget amount of $25,000 allocated for the grants. Successful projects will need to be completed by the end of the coming planting season (June-September).

Grant applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Project costs
Successful projects will represent good value for money in both their implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Community support
Projects should have community support and can directly involve members of the community. Projects will have strong social outcomes and communicate the value of the urban forest.

Place impact
The scale to which the project positively influences the experience of a place will be considered when determining the grant.

UFS targets
The project’s contribution to the UFS overall objective for a 20% canopy coverage will be considered.

Environmental services
The ability for the project to provide environmental services will be considered, particularly for  improvements in water management, soil health, biodiversity and ecology.

Health outcomes
Mental health, physical activity, air and water quality are positively affected by the urban forest.  Projects will be considered for the positive contribution they make to health outcomes.

Successful Urban Forest Grants for 2021 and 2022

Grant recipients

Organisation    Amount Project 
Kent Street Senior High School Parents and Citizens Association  $9,107 Urban Forestry Initiative 2021
Millen Primary School $3,886 Trees for Shade and Nature
Perth Individual College 4,600 Project Green Space

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