Meet your Young Leaders

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In 2021, the Town released its Youth Action Plan 2021-2024, which was developed with the help of over 500 young people, as well as parents, caregivers and community organisation representatives.

A key outcome of the plan has been the creation of our Vic Park Young Leaders team. The team will work with the Town to plan youth activities and initiatives and deliver youth-focused events within the community, as well as providing advice and feedback on Town strategies, plans, policies and procedures, and connecting with their peers to address issues that matter to them.  

Our inaugural Town of Vic Park Young Leaders are:



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I’m a recent university graduate. I would describe myself as a fairly creative person – many of my hobbies are highly creative. I am honestly interested in a whole range of things. It sometimes feels like there is just so much information out there of interest to me that I can get lost in it all. However, my main interests are in the areas of mental health and the environment. I wanted to join the team because I enjoy being a part of Victoria Park and I have an interest in helping young people and working with the community. From this I hope to gain a wealth of new experiences and meaningful connections. 







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I am 19 years old studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary). Since I was young, I have always enjoyed extending my skills through various forms of arts and crafts, including playing the violin, scrapbooking and embroidery. However, on lazy days I prefer to spend my time cooped up in bed watching my favourite K-dramas and C-dramas. I joined the team wanting to challenge myself and push against my comfort zone. As a future teacher, I recognise the importance of leadership for children and young people, both at school and in the wider community. As such, I hope to help build a better environment where young people feel safe and can thrive in the community.  






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I have lived in the Town of Victoria Park my whole life, have worked for the Town as a Peer Youth Researcher with the Vic Park council, and volunteered with  Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) through high school. I am currently studying Behavioral Science and Human Resources at uni. I chose my degree hoping to work with people in a meaningful way and appreciate how the council of Victoria Park has a similar ethos. I work as an HR consultant at Atomic Sports, which involves interviewing/hiring employees and project managing charity stalls across WA for the Red Cross, Royal Life Savers and the Paralympics. I love going to the beach, snorkelling and scuba diving. I adore Victoria Park and love the fact that young people can be a part of the decision-making that affects them. I am excited to advocate for what young people actually care about and want to implement within their suburbs.





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I am a 22-year-old recent university graduate with a Bachelor of Philosophy in History and German Studies. I love everything to do with the Arts and Humanities, although I am particularly passionate about languages, having studied both German and Italian. My main hobby is reading, and one of my goals for 2022 is to read 100 books! For me, the Young Changemakers Program is an exciting opportunity to become more involved in my local community and hopefully create a tangible impact in the lives of young people in the area. Since moving to the Town of Victoria Park in 2016, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the Town’s numerous community initiatives, and I would love to gain a better understanding of all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into their planning and execution. As a Young Changemaker, I’m excited to be able to liaise with the community, take their feedback on board, relay it to the Town’s decision makers and thus be co-responsible for seeing the community’s ideas transformed into action. I view the Young Changemakers initiative as a way to empower our youth by showing them that their opinions really do matter and their voices are capable of effecting real change.




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Hi, I’m an active resident in the Town of Victoria Park and I am so eager to be part of the team and learn with others through this process in order to make Victoria Park a better place. I believe I can contribute my knowledge as well as my experience in regards to being a true friend, and work with the other leaders to run workshops based on community development activities and support young people to increase their capacity, so they can choose a path of service in their lives. 







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Hi there! I’m in my final year of studies at Curtin University, which means I’m a big fan of coffee at the moment. I really enjoy running as a way to keep mentally and physically healthy and I love the beach, baking, books and art (sorry to spoil the alliteration)! I would describe myself as a very family-oriented and enthusiastic person who always gives 100% effort. I’m really excited to be a part of the Town’s youth leadership team because I want to help young people reconnect with their sense of community by engaging in all the facilities, events and activities that the Town has to offer. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to make even the smallest positive difference in the lives of others around me – and this is ultimately what I hope to achieve in this role.






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I live and work in the Town of Victoria Park. I recently graduated high school and am currently studying Political Science and Economics at UWA. When I’m not at university I am working as a McDonalds Crew Member as well as at Perth Racing. I decided to join the Young Changemakers Team as I’ve been a part of this community my entire life and was inspired by the idea of making formative change within our local community to help solve the issues faced by my peers. I’ve served in student leadership roles and have worked and studied in the community, so I believe I have the experience and knowledge to create initiatives that can have a long lasting impact on the fabric of our community, making it even greater for future generations to come.






I am a postgraduate student studying information security management at Curtin University and I have lived in the Town of Victoria Park since I came to Perth last year. I love the vibrant and diverse cultures in the Victoria Park community and that is one of the main reasons that motivated me to get more involved with the Town through the Young Influencer program. A fun fact of myself is I love socializing people so it will be a good opportunity to engage with the like-minded people in Victoria Park. I am also a multilingual speaker who loves to learn languages so feel free to reach out to me if you are into languages. Outside of study, I love playing sport – particularly badminton, table tennis and tennis. Sport is a good channel to connect with people and train my own discipline, so you will not be surprised to see me in Lesiurelife centre a lot of the time.

 I am eager to get more involved with the Town of Victoria Park and contribute to the fabulous community that helps me connect and expand my social circles. I hope I can create impact to the youth professionals and empower everyone through better engagement in the youth community.



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I am so excited to be part of the Victoria Park Young Leaders Team. I have lived in the Town of Victoria Park for my whole life and saw the perfect opportunity to get more involved with the town through this position. I am currently a student at Notre Dame University studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science. I’m super passionate about health care – in particular, the promotion of health among the rural population. I also have an interest in studying gynaecological cancers, and have recently completed a research project at Harry Perkins, looking at differences in immune cell populations across the grades of endometrial cancer. Outside of study, I love playing sport – particularly netball. I also volunteer for various organisations and love it because of the people I get to meet, and the reward of using my skills to help others reach their full potential. I am eager to get more involved with the Town of Victoria Park and give back to the community that has supported me. The Town of Victoria Park has so much to offer, and I believe there is great potential for this program to have great outcomes in creating better engagement with the youth of the community.




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I am passionate about creating positive social change through excellence and creativity. I am also interested in youth leadership and empowerment. I enjoy writing, reading and learning languages, and I love dogs and coffee. I was a participant of John Curtin Leadership Academy and She Runs Campaign School where I have learnt skills in leadership, advocacy, communication, event management and more. In university, I have been a peer mentor for new students – especially for those of CALD backgrounds. Coming from a diverse background, I have observed the need to build connections with young people of all backgrounds. The pandemic has hit hard on many industries and demographics, including young people. Emotional and psychological distress, unemployment, loss of connections, educational interruption and uncertainties in the future are just a few issues that we are facing. In our neighbourhood, I wish to foster a space for young people to gather and support each other. I think building a place like a 'youth hub' which is accessible and free of judgement would be helpful in fostering positive engagement.