Abandoned properties and squatters

Occasionally properties may be left vacant. This can often result in an attraction for squatters to inhabit the property and cause property damage. Squatting may not actually be illegal, as it is a civil matter between the owner and the trespasser on their land. However, if the property is vandalised or if the squatters expose the community to harm then the Police and the Town may assist.

Local governments focus on minimising the length of time properties remain abandoned, minimising harm to the community from abandoned properties, and creating the conditions needed to bring abandoned properties back into use or complete removal.

To report a problem

To report an issue with a vacant property, please call Customer Service on 9311 8111 or email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au with your contact details and address of the property of concern. Your request will be allocated to an Environmental Health Officer for follow-up.

For immediate safety and security issues and anti-social behaviour (non-life threatening) or after hours service please contact the Police on 131 444.