CCTV Partnership Program


All funding allocated - program closed. 

Thank you to everyone who applied for and received funding for the CCTV program this financial year. All funds have been allocated and the program is now closed - no further applications will be accepted.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a useful tool in the detection and investigation of community safety and crime problems. The Town of Victoria Park has developed this partnership program with WA Police to increase the number of CCTV systems in the Town in strategic locations.

The intent of the CCTV Partnership Program is to assist private residences, businesses or community groups to install an effective CCTV system and create a partnership between the applicant, WA Police, and the Town to address crime and safety problems through visual surveillance.

The Town is providing up to $750 funding to CCTV projects in partnership with the community and WA Police.

Please contact the Town to discuss your plans for a CCTV system before installation or applying to be a part of this partnership program. 

Once you have spoken to the Town's Neighbourhood Safety Officer - complete the form to continue with your application, either online on this page or download and print out the PDF form. 

Terms and conditions

  1. CCTV must be provided and installed by a registered business.

  2. CCTV must be installed within the Town of Victoria Park.

  3. This Partnership Program is applicable to either new installed systems, or upgrades to improve the quality of an existing system.

  4. Before installation or upgrade, the applicant must contact the Town and consult regarding camera field of view and playback capabilities.

  5. One application per project will be considered.

  6. Joint applications for multiple property installations to a maximum of three properties is considered one project.

  7. Applicants must consult with their adjacent neighbours where appropriate with the intent of developing a joint application.

  8. The operator of the CCTV system must agree to provide footage to WA Police when requested. Failure to do so will result in the Town retrieving any payments it has made to the applicant.

  9. The Town provides no guarantee that a security rebate can be provided to all applicants if the allocated budget is fully expended prior to the end of the financial year.

  10. A feedback must be completed before payment is issued.

  11. There must be adequate lighting to capture quality footage (see Sensor Lighting, Security Incentive Scheme).

  12. Applicants must provide screenshots showing the field of view of their camera system.

  13. Applicants must consent to their details being provided to WA Police for the location and fields of view of the CCTV system.

  14. Applicants must maintain the CCTV system in working order. Failure to do so will result in the Town retrieving any payments it has made to the applicant.

  15. The Town will rebate half of the total cost of the CCTV system, up to $750 per project.

  16. The Town reserves the right to cancel the rebate arrangements at any time if any of the above conditions have not been met to the satisfaction of the Town. The Town will not be liable for any cost incurred by the applicant.

  17. Allocating funding to a project remains the discretion of the Town.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Rebate Scheme
Total rebate amount available: Half the cost, up to $750 per CCTV project
Applicants must prove they have consulted with adjacent properties with the intent to deliver a joint project across multiple locations to deliver a more effective CCTV system in the applicant’s local area.


Step-by-step application instructions 

Step 1 – Contact the Town of Victoria Park

The Town will meet with you to discuss your CCTV plans and to identify the best field of view for your camera system. An Officer will meet you on site to discuss where the cameras will face.

The quick retrieval and provision of footage must be made available to WA Police upon request. During the initial meeting with a Town Officer, you will be required to detail how you will actively accommodate and meet such requests, including your process for retrieving and providing footage to WA Police upon request.

Step 2 – Consulting other properties

The applicant will be required to contact their adjacent neighbours to develop a more comprehensive CCTV project to be implemented in the local area. In the event that adjacent properties would like to become a part of the CCTV project, a joint application will be submitted with $750 will be allocated to the total project. Joint applications are significantly more cost effective for the Town and for the applicant. The applicant will be required to provide evidence of the consultation process and agreement between the joint parties.

Step 3 – Confirmation

The Town will advise the applicant in writing of the outcome from the site visit meeting and confirm eligibility for the CCTV Camera Rebate Scheme.

Step 4 – Install and pay for CCTV system

The applicant will be required to have the CCTV system installed by a registered business. The applicant is responsible for engaging and procuring the services of the registered business.

Recommended providers include:

The system needs to be installed as agreed at the site visit or as per registered businesses recommendations. The applicant is responsible for fully paying the total invoiced amount to the registered business. The Town is not liable, nor will it provide any payment to the registered business as engaged by the applicant.

Step 4 – Complete and submit the application form

The applicant is required to complete ALL SECTIONS of the application form. Applicants must include a copy of the invoice and receipt for full payment of the CCTV system, undertaken by a registered business. Screenshots of the field of view of the cameras need to be included.

Step 5 – Payment

The Town will review the application and advise in writing of the outcome of the application. In the event the Town requires more information an Officer will contact the applicant. Funds will be transferred electronically to the account nominated on the application form.