Camera technology in the Town of Vic Park


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras

Funding from WA Police under the State CCTV Strategy has secured the installation of six Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras in the Town along major arterial roads. 

The Jenoptik VECTOR3 cameras, which record information such as Vehicle Registration Number and vehicle classification, as well as the time and date of data capture, are anticipated to help address various safety concerns raised by the community.

The cameras will:

  • Allow WA Police Force to expand their ANPR capability and network, which will assist in incident responses, improve community safety and support the investigation and prosecution of offences;
  • Enable WA Police Force to locate stolen/unlicensed vehicles, unlicensed drivers, vehicles of interest, missing persons and persons at risk
  • Capture useful information for the Town, including data points that will help us analyse road volumes, peak traffic times, journey times and more.

More information regarding the ANPR cameras is available on request. Contact: Heather Kostiw-McFarlane, 9311 8111


Safety Camera Trial - Road Safety Commission 

The Road Safety Commission is trialling the use of the latest mobile safety camera technology to test the suitability of this technology on WA roads and its potential to make our roads safer for everyone.  

The safety cameras can identify a number of high-risk behaviours at once including speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone while driving. In an Australian-first, the mobile cameras will also be used in pairs to measure average speed as well as spot-speed.   

The trial is due to commence in late July and run for three months. During this time the mobile safety cameras will be frequently moved to capture data, some of the locations have been identified within the Town. 

No infringement notices will be issued during the trial. 

For more information or if you wish to suggest a location for the trial, email the Road Safety Commission at Those interested in the trial can also visit

Answers to frequently asked questions can also be found below.

Safety Camera Trial Cameras.jpg

An example of what the camera trailers will look like.