Drone use within the Town

The Town of Victoria Park does not currently permit or have a method to permit the use of drones (weighing 100g or heavier) for any purpose within the Towns boundaries as it would breach the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations and requirements.

The Town currently can only use the CASA regulations and requirements to determine where drone flying is permissible (when required by the Town).


Some of the issues to be considered include public safety, privacy and legal matters relating to drone operations. These include flying around private properties, the Town’s recreational reserves, parks, roadways and commercial businesses. 

Until such time when the relevant legislation and/or Council guidelines/laws are in place, it is strongly recommended that that the operation of all drones be undertaken only at approved locations such as the many existing radio control clubs in Perth or rural locations already designated and approved for drone operations under CASA regulations and licencing regulations for pilots and flight operations. 

As a starting point, please feel free to contact the following bodies and interest groups for more information:

CASA https://www.casa.gov.au/
Perth FPV Racing Club - https://www.facebook.com/pg/Perth.FPV.Racing/
Rotorcross - https://www.rotorcross.com.au/
Drone Racing Australia - https://droneracingaustralia.com/
WA Model Aircraft Sports Centre (Inc.) - https://www.wamasc.com.au/

In addition, CASA has now released an app to assist people with drones to check permissible locations for drone operations. The app is available on multiple platforms, link provided below.