Drone use within the Town

The Town of Victoria Park is not responsible for any matters relating to drone usage. The Federal Government through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority issues regulations dealing with unmanned aircraft that may assist residents concerned about drone usage. Given the Town's proximity to Perth Airport approximately half of the Town, being the areas north of the Albany Highway (Carlisle, Lathlain, Burswood and parts of other suburbs in the Town) is a no fly area for drones weighing more than 100 grams. Other parts of the Town are a no launch zone for drones weighing more than 100 grams.

The Town does not have the power to enforce CASA regulations and it is unclear if the Town could make a local law to enable enforcement of matters relating to drone usage.

For information from CASA visit their website.

As a starting point, please feel free to contact the following bodies and interest groups for more information:

CASA https://www.casa.gov.au
Perth FPV Racing Club - https://www.facebook.com/pg/Perth.FPV.Racing
Rotorcross - https://www.rotorcross.com.au
Drone Racing Australia - https://droneracingaustralia.com
WA Model Aircraft Sports Centre (Inc.) - https://www.wamasc.com.au

In addition, CASA has now released an app to assist people with drones to check permissible locations for drone operations. The app is available on multiple platforms.