Night-time lighting upgrades


The Town is committed to a safe and dynamic night-time environment for the community. Several projects and ongoing programs are underway to address real crime issues and perceptions of safety through the Town’s streets and neighbourhoods. Everyone has a role to play in making the community a safe place, especially the night-time environment. Community reports, information, and action are vital to assist the Town to reach our vision of a dynamic place for everyone.

You can help improve your neighbourhoods night-time lighting levels by installing security sensor lighting and taking advantage of the Security Incentive Scheme, more info available here.

Street light audit

The Town’s Street Operations service area and Rangers work together to undertake street light audits where an officer checks all of the street lights in a certain zone of the Town. This process ensures that each street light is checked a minimum of once a year. Faults are forwarded to the appropriate agency, either Western Power for most standard street lights, or to the Town’s Street Operations area for the lights that belong to the Town.

How you can help: report all broken street lights you see to Western Power.

Safer Communities Fund Round 1: Street light upgrades

The Town received funds under the Commonwealth Government’s Safer Communities Fund for $300,000 to aim to upgrade over 100 street lights throughout St James, East Victoria Park and Burswood. The upgrades are proposed works and dependent on the cost of each upgrade as the Town submits work to Western Power. The Town is hopeful that all the proposed works can be done through this grant funding. In the event this grant funding does not cover all of the upgrades, the Town will aim to continue upgrades through the annual street light works budget.

Current upgrade maps:

Stage 1: St James – view upgrade map below (completed)

Stage 2: East Victoria Park and Burswood – view upgrade map below (completed)

Stage 3: East Victoria Park  – view upgrade map below (completed) 

How you can help: report all crime, antisocial or suspicious behaviour that occurs at night time to WA Police on 131 444 to assist us with prioritising the next round of upgrades.