Public aquatic facilities

A public aquatic facility is a man-made body of water used for sport, recreation or educational or therapeutic water activities that is available for public use, including:

  • swimming pools
  • spa pools
  • river rides
  • water slides, and
  • water play grounds.

At the moment there are 23 public aquatic facilities in the Town, including pools at large apartment complexes, hotels, sporting facilities and schools. 
The Town ensures the health and safety of staff and patrons using public aquatic facilities by:

  • monitoring risks to public health via monthly water sample testing
  • providing advice on relevant legislation
  • providing advice on the causes of aquatic facility diseases and how to prevent them.

Aquatic facility operators are bound by the 
Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007 and Code of PracticeThe Code was prepared to ensure that public aquatic facilities operate to a consistently high health and safety standard, by minimising the occurrence of disease, injury and other health-related complaints associated with their use. For more information refer to the Department of Health website.